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Release Date:   2020-03-05

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NetBeans IDE is an Integrated Development Environment specifically designed for programmers to help them develop web, mobile and desktop applications easily. It supports the latest Java Technologies and specification enhancements in addition to other state-of-the-art technologies. The IDE comes with a wide variety of tools, features, samples and templates.


  • Fast and smart code editing
  • Easy and efficient project management
  • Rapid user interface development
  • Bug-free code writing
  • Multilanguage support
  • Cross platform support
  • Compatible with many community-provided plugins
Although NetBeans IDE was initially designed to provide a Java develepment environment, it is also helpful in creating and developing applications in either C or C++. This is a very convenient feature because developers don't have to switch between different programs when they want to develop projects in different environments.

Using NetBeans IDE

We found it relatively easy to select the type of project we wanted to create via the File menu. We could even use it to create and compile applets and cellphone apps. The program allowed us to manage projects written with different codes.

The drag-and-drop tools and editors make it easy to develop applications quickly and without a hitch. The GUI builder for Java SE apps corrects space alignment automatically and supports in-place editing.

The FindBugs tool and static analysis tools allowed us to identify and fix bugs before compiling. We also placed breakpoints in our source code with the NetBeans Debugger and monitor executions as they happened. The ability to see inconsistencies in real time sets NetBeans apart from other development platforms.

The Code Folding feature simplifies the debugging process by collapsing parts of code within the same class name or function.

We loved the auto-complete feature not only because it allowed us to work faster but also due to the fact that it eliminates errors since it provides previously defined names. We also didn't have to scroll back in case of a name we had forgotten.

The Garbage Collector does a good job of cleaning allocated memory that is no longer used by referenced applications. This removes unnecessary data from Virtual memory to improve the overall performance of software.

vWe imported projects, changed their code and rebuilt them to suit our requirements. We could also view services that different applications used and make necessary adjustments to make them more compatible with our software.

NetBeans Integrated Development Environment provides a Navigator window that makes it easy to see all classes defined in the selected Java file. This is a handy feature considering the difficulty associated with managing class files. When we clicked on the file name, we instantly accessed the specific part of code defining that class, which made it easy to jump to different classes without scrolling through the code.

NetBeans IDE enables developers to create applications smoothly and quickly in either Java, PHP, HTML5, CSS, C or C++. The only reservation we have with the development environment is that it consumes a lot of computer resources.

Software Product Description

NetBeans IDE lets you quickly and easily develop Java desktop, mobile, and web applications, as well as HTML5 applications with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. The IDE also provides a great set of tools for PHP and C/C++ developers. It is free and open source and has a large community of users and developers around the world.

Requires: Java Development Kit.


"Thia is a MUST Have!"

Reviewer: -Birdymckee

Review Date: 2018-03-28

Pros: I have this program, it is comparable to Notepad C++ It is easy to understand, and offers lots of languages more than Notepad C++ This is great for the novice and the professional / expert as well.

Cons: Sometimes it may take several minutes to load, depending upon the RAM.

Other Thoughts: If you are a novice programmer, this is the program to get; and if you are a professional or expert like me, this is also the program you will want for your library. Though it is greater than 200 megs, it is a fun program and will allow your creative mind to wander - you will be pleasantly surprised what you will be able to create.


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