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Release Date:   2008-02-20

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Software Product Description

Netscape offers enhanced performance and stability plus a fine-tuned browser engine based on Mozilla Firefox to speed you through the most common online activities.


  • FireFox 2 Extensions - Install any Firefox 2-compatible extension.
  • URL correction - Navigator will automatically correct common typos made in Web addresses.
  • Link Pad - Use the Link Pad as a holding area for interesting links that don't merit bookmarking.
  • Netscape warns you if you come across possible spyware sites, and automatically configures its settings to help protect you.
  • Tabbed browsing has been expanded so you can open all of your favorite web sites in one window automatically.
  • New Passcard Manager remembers all your screen names and passwords and can auto-fill that information on sites.
  • Site Controls allow the user to choose how much they trust a site.
  • The new MultiBar condenses toolbars into single buttons, creating a more spacious, media-rich browser.
  • With Live Content, users can view various headlines from a small window on their browser and expand it to get the full story without having to visit multiple sites.
  • Bookmark Groups let you save a group of Tabs as a bookmark so that you can later revisit this group of sites as you would a bookmark of one site
  • Pop-up Stopper
  • Download Multiple Files at Once and reliably pause and resume a download if your Internet connection is interrupted or you need to use your connection to make a phone call
  • Download Manager keeps track of all your downloads from one place


"+++ RIP +++"

Reviewer: -Microsquishee

Review Date: 2008-09-10

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Other Thoughts: +++ RIP Netscape +++

We miss you.


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