NeuralStyler 2.0.1      

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Release Date:   2016-11-07

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Do you have videos that you would like to give an artistic touch? Then try using NeuralStyler, an intuitive program that uses artificial intelligence to convert videos into different types of art works. You can base your converted videos into the styles of different famous artists like Georges Seurat, Wassily Kandinsky and Van Gogh among others. The software uses fast AI styling algorithm.

Using NeuralStyler

We downloaded the .7z archive and extracted the contents to a folder with a similar name for ease of identification. We decided to do that considering that NeuralStyler was a portable program that we launched directly from the folder. We also created its shortcut on the desktop for even faster access.

Despite the relatively large size of the downloaded archive, the program opened a small and simple graphical user interface that gave us a few options. On the upper part of the window was a space where we could directly type the name and path of the video that we wanted to convert. Alternatively, we could use the button on its right to browse and select the video using Windows Explorer.

The converter gave us nine different artistic styles to choose from in a drop-down menu. A preview pane below the drop-down menu let us see how the style we selected would appear. We also had five different resolutions from which we selected our preferred choice.

Once we had selected the options that we wanted, we clicked the “Create Artistic Video” button. Progress bars on the lower part of the program window allowed us to see the percentages of frames and audio extracted and artistic styling frames applied as well as the overall progress. The program also displayed the duration that the conversion process had taken. It was the part of applying the artistic styling frame that took the longest duration.


NeuralStyler is a great program for applying artistic styles to videos. It gives you the choice to select among the styles of some of the world's famous artists. Please note that the conversion process can take considerable duration depending on the options you choose such as the resolution.

Software Product Description

NeuralStyler Artificial Intelligence converts your videos into art works by using styles of famous artists.