Newbie Web Automation      

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Release Date:   2004-10-16

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OS:  Win 98/ME/2K/XP

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Software Product Description


Newbie is an acronym for Network Enabled Web Browser Interface. It is designed to allow users to manipulate Web pages by customizing Newbie scripts. These scripts allow the user to automate Web page navigation by form filling Web pages for you, so you can control how you use a Web site. It also manages usernames and passwords to commonly visited sites that require user authentication.

Version 1.5a now includes functions to allow data extraction from websites and saving to a file for manipulation such as search results from Yahoo and Google to an Excel file, and downloading URL files. You can also use it as a website testing tool that repeatedly tests web pages and logs web page performance. Newbie comes with an Editor and Pascal Compiler. Users familiar with the Pascal language will find it easy to create Newbie Scripts. All information the user provides is encrypted on the local PC using Blowfish Encryption. No personal information is transferred over the Internet.