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Release Date:   2009-11-01

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Software Product Description

NiceCamera turns ordinary photos into artistic paintings. Use NiceCamera to record your daily life in artistic paintings. Share your artistic paintings with friends. It is... nice!


  • zoom and crop.
  • flashlight with adjustable intensity.
  • built-in special effects in day/night/citylight/portrait modes.
  • flexible fine-tuning in custom mode.
  • selectable sizes of paint brush.
  • adjustable colors, brightness, contrast.
  • handy e-mailing to share your artistic paintings with friends.

Operation Modes:

  • custom mode provides the flexibility of fine-tuning with all other options.
  • day mode sets up optimum contrast for nicer outcomes.
  • night mode enhances lighting effect.
  • city light mode enhances lighting effect, optimizes dark areas.
  • portrait mode optimizes the tradeoff between smoothness and contrast of facial features.

Options for Fine-Tuning:

  • day/night/citylight/portrait modes.
  • brush size.
  • color saturation.
  • brightness.
  • contrast.
  • flashlight intensity.


  • lighten a target that a real flashlight even cannot apply to. for example, a huge building against strong light.

Custom Effects:

Combining options and recursive painting on painted pictures provide unlimited possibilities for creating custom effects. examples are -
  • high color and high brightness may create an effect of impressionism.
  • high color and large brush may create an effect of abstractionism.
  • you may resemble other art styles as well by your own unique techniques.
  • you may even germinate a new painting faction.
  • with imaginative power, you may turn garbage into art.

NiceCamera is a cutting-edge product with painting algorisms superior to the competitive automatic painting algorithms in the industry.

NiceCamera is a nice gadget to make your daily life more joyful, a nice tool for you to understand more about painting, a nice game to turn ordinary photos into artistic paintings in unlimited art styles beyond imagination.

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