What's New in version 3.14.0:

  • HEIF/HEIC support added
  • metadata filtering added
  • start-up time reduced
  • bug fixes

What's New in version 3.12.0:

  • Recent files panel renewed
  • New icon theme
  • Improved drag&drop of thumbnail preview (copy/move/link)
  • Editable zoom levels
  • Fill transparent background with a color added
  • LAN client removed
  • Batch: original filename is added to the metadata
  • Frameless: multi-screen setup improved
  • SVG: resulting image size can be adjusted when converting
  • RLE compressed TGA support
  • Bug fixes
  • Updates quazip 0.7.6
  • Libraw 0.18
  • Exiv2 3.3.2

What's New in version 3.10.2:

  • nomacs 3.10.2 fixes issues with e.g. mng animations and adds a better implementation for multi-user systems.

What's New in version 3.4:

  • Batch UI reworked
  • Batch Profiles added
  • Cropping to metadata
  • RGB to Gray improved
  • Crash on delete fixed
  • Slow thumbnail rendering fixed
  • Start-up time improved
  • RAW/PSD orientation fixed

What's New in version 2.2.0:

  • Reading images from ZIP (+ Office Documents e.g. docx, xlsx, pptx)
  • Metadata panel (displays all metadata of an image)
  • Thumbnail panel layout (Vertical or Undock)
  • Notes (you can now take and display notes which are written to the image metadata)
  • Private mode which does not save any settings including recent files
  • Option which disables check for updates
  • Option which disables logging of recent files/folders
  • Additional RAW files added (including Pentax [PEF], Samsung [SRW], Hasselblad [3FR] and Sigma [X3F])
  • JPG2000 read/write fixed for large files (windows with setup only)
  • Resize dialog fixes
  • File order fixed for Linux/Unix
  • Segfault fixed if 'fast thumbnail preview' is checked
  • Saving images without extension (linux only) fixed