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Release Date:   2018-07-23

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Google is such a popular search engine that many people simply say 'googling' when they mean searching the Internet irrespective of the search engine used. The fact is that there are many other popular search engines that you can use. However, all the engines may not satisfy your searching needs because they give general results. Thankfully, you can use NooG to streamline your searches and get more relevant results.

Using NooG

NooG gave us many configuration options to ensure we got the results that suited us. We installed the lightweight search application without a hitch, and when we launched it, it simply displayed a search bar on the lower right part of our monitor.

When we clicked the arrow located to the right of the search box, the application displayed an advanced tab where we could make a number of configurations. Since we had multiple web browsers installed, we could select the browser we wanted to use. The interface section allowed to us select from over 130 languages from all parts of the world, and the language section gave us almost 50 languages to choose from.

We could also search by country and select the desired time period and file type. For example, we could select any time, the past hour, 24 hours, week, month or year. The file formats we could choose included .pdf, .ps, .dwf, .xls, .ppt, .doc, .rtf and .swf.

The application let us specify the exact word or phrase to search for, the word to exclude and whether we wanted to search within a domain or specific site. We could search Google, Bing or Wikipedia.

Once we had set everything as we wanted and clicked the search button, the relevant results were displayed using the selected browser. The program also allowed us to save the search criteria we had specified for later use.

Other things we could configure included the background color, transparency and search engine. We could also choose to enable and show search history, show taskbar button and display the application in compact mode.


Making a general online search tends to display many results that are not relevant to what you want. However, you can use NooG to get only the results you want. Apart from specifying things like the country and language you want, you can choose to display only particular types of files. The handy search application allows you to streamline your search to your specific requirements.

Software Product Description

Noog is used to make queries by country, language, document type, time of creation, website, excluding certain phrases, etc.


"Works perfectly for what it is"

Reviewer: -compmend

Review Date: 2016-07-14

Pros: I was able to install this on Linux Mint via Wine. The program opened perfectly and I was presented with a small search box. Advanced features are available by clicking the three lines to the right of the search box. This program is basically a search engine advanced term searcher. It does provide good results for a selected number of file types

Cons: The program doesn't make use of tags such as "-inurl, -intitle, "index of", etc." which would allow it to show more results. Also you are unable to choose your own file types, only those included within the program dropdown which limits your searches considerably unless you manually type "filetype:YOUR FILE TYPE" in the search box

Other Thoughts: I think the program is OK for what it is. I have an HTML & Javascript page that I wrote, that does a more comprehensive search than this program though, so I uninstalled this program.


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