OAQL Server 2.1u36      

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Release Date:   2014-05-21

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Software Product Description

OAQL Server stands for 'Oriented Architecture Query Language Server'. It is a set of tools to create complete, open and secure applications. It allows to create visible applications, but its strength is essentially all that is invisible.

What is it? It is many things at once:

  • a Business Process
  • an Enterprise Service Bus
  • a Database Middleware
  • immediately a cluster for high availability
  • an Application Server
  • a Public Key Infrastucture
  • a Framework

So what is it ? This is a new way of conceiving your projects. It makes things easier, saves time and it is using all of the modules at once that you understand its power.

OAQL Server allow you to connect in all your networks, all your java applications and all your sql/nosql databases (from different suppliers), as if you had a single application/database in an oriented architecture environment.

With OAQL Server, if you had access to the database of the police force, and the database of the agency for employment and the database of civil aviation... it would be easy to answer a question like: 'amongst all the people who flew the last week, how much have already committed a crime and want to work with children?'

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