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Software Product Description

Engineers often use mathematical objects to represent physical objects, which help them to express the properties of the objects in an abstract manner. The mathematical objects enable the engineers to represent sinusoidal quantities using two real numbers in different ways:
  • A rotating vector known as a phasor, which has a module and an angle
  • A complex number composed of both real and imaginary parts

OBphasor is an intuitive program that allows users to manipulate complex quantities through the use of such common operators as '-', '+', '/' and '*'. It is specifically designed to help electrical engineers represent complex electrical quantities using the common operators.

You can assign a complicated numerical value for an electric quantity, which you write in the 'Edit' line. The real part of the numerical value is labeled RE while the imaginary one is marked as IM. The 'Edit' lines for electrical quantities are marked in alphabetical order from A to L. You can choose the appropriate operators with which you want to manipulate the quantities and then add relevant comments on the right side of the application window.

If you know both impedances for an electricity power line, for instance, as well as positive and negative sequences, you can easily calculate the earth-return compensation factor. You just need to write the appropriate relationships in the relevant edit lines and then click the button marked 'RUN' on the upper part of the user interface.

OBphasor is a portable application that does not make any changes to the system registry. You only need to extract the archived files to your desired destination. The free electrical engineering application is compatible with all Windows operating systems from Windows XP. It supports distributed generators and microgrids.