Oddball Auctions Script 1.0      

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Release Date:   2007-02-14

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Software Product Description

The Oddball Auctions feed will provide webmasters with easy to install, fresh daily content for FREE!

The Oddball script allows the webmaster to choose how many funny ebay auctions they wish to display in their sidebar. Oddball Auctions will update these auctions every day, so webmasters will have fresh, interesting content every time a viewer returns. Unlike most widgets and RSS feeds, this script will not "steal" your viewers. If a viewer clicks on an interesting auction, a new window or tab will open, so you don't lose your viewers!

The auctions listed will not have any adult items, so this script is suitable for any web site.

Additionally, if a webmaster has an ebay affiliate account, the script allows them to enter their PID, and receive credit for 50% of the clicks from their site. Once someone clicks on an interesting auction, ebay places a 7-day cookie on their computer. So, if the viewer buys ANYTHING on ebay in the next 7 days, ebay pays a commission. For example, if one of your viewers clicks on "image of donald duck in a pancake", then leaves ebay, then, the next day they buy a car from ebay, ebay pays a commission on the car!

So not only do you get free, daily content, but it can make money for you as well! If a webmaster just wants to display the free daily content without getting an ebay PID, that's fine too.

This script is fully stylable using CSS, so it will fit in perfectly with the look of your site. It also has several options for customizing it to your needs.

It is now also available as an RSS feed, a Widgetbox Widget, javascript or as a Wordpress Widget.