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Release Date:   2010-11-16

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OS:  Windows (All), Linux, MacOS

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Software Product Description

The goal of this project is to offer a consolidated library of icons used in various libraries, window makers, themes and other applications. Over 10,000 unique icons in svg, png and xpm formats.

The library is not a theme. Its a centralized source for icons to cover all your needs. The goal is to cover all common apps, operating systems, mimetypes, devices, and country flags.


"Sloppy Files"

Reviewer: -The DataRat

Review Date: 2013-11-19

Pros: Only took four-and-a-half minutes to download the 542 megs from Sourceforge. (Don't know why the file was put in what -for most people- is a bizarre compression format.) Of course, it could have been smaller if useless 16x16 and similar ridiculous icons were omitted. What took forever was extracting the icons from the ZIP file.

Cons: First thing to do: Delete all the itty-bitty 16x16, 24x24, etc. icons. There were also many duplicate files in the download. By the time you extract all the mess, you don't care about the icons !

Other Thoughts: The extraction of the ZIP file took ~hours~ ! Very sloppy implementation.


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