OpenCPN 5.2.0      

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Release Date:   2020-07-16

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Reviewed on September 11, 2017

Set to sail soon? You might want to take a look at OpenCPN.

Basically, it is a powerful navigation and plotting software. You can use it on your laptop with low specs.

OpenCPN is first of all - free. The software is a chart plotter with many useful features perfect when on a course at sea. The software was created by sailors and is being continuously improved by them. It functions just as well as expensive chart plotters.

You can take advantage of OpenCPN with a laptop connected to a GPS receiver. You must also download and install US and NOAA charts. This will allow you to navigate your course in actual time with standard chart plotting functions.

Boaters can benefits from this because they would not have to purchase a dedicated chart plotter which is rather expensive. To delve further into the details, let's talk about OpenCPN's features and functions.

OpenCPN Features and Functions

OpenCPN offers an impressive range of features that can compete with paid and expensive programs such as:

  • Use plotter functions or check boat location in actual time using a laptop and GPS receiver,
  • Allows display adjustment for tracking your boat,
  • Plot waypoints with ease and make routes,
  • Join separate charts with the same scale in the feature called Automatic Chart Quilting,
  • User interface allows panning, zooming and scrolling,
  • Check currents and tide levels on demand,
  • Has automatic return course in case of man-overboard,
  • Brightness and color are adjustable depending on daylight or nighttime schemes,
  • Instruction manual is easy to understand, well-detailed with help screens included,
  • Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems,
  • Will soon be available for Android OS.
  • Advanced functions of OpenCPN include:
    • Functions with raster charts from NOAA,
    • Display modes include north-up, look-ahead and course-up,
    • Alerts and alarms for anchor,
    • With import/export function for information on other devices,
    • Automatic Indentification System plots the position/location of large ships and gives collision alerts and alarms,
    • Has measuring function that determines distance between points easily.


OpenCPN brings forward features that are not available in hundred-dollar priced software packages. Although it is a free program, features and functions show us that it was made with incredible effort by a dedicated team.

The long/lat, SOG/COG, and other information at the bottom part of the screen is colored gray and has small fonts that are difficult to read. The functions can be quite advanced, so expect that they can be complicated. Thankfully, the manual is easy to understand.

OpenCPN actually has more useful features than a paid chart plotting software. It has all you need for navigation on a moving ship or boat. Saves you time and money too.

Software Product Description

Chart plotter and navigational software.