openElement 1.57 R9      

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Release Date:   2017-05-17

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

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Software Product Description

openElement is a community-centered WYSIWYG (IDE) web creation studio.

Graphical and Intuitive:
Thanks to its WYSIWYG interface, openElement allows you to quickly and visually create a graphical base for your websites and applications Structure your work efficiently using our system of inherited page layers. The work of creating and updating web pages is made faster by streamlining repetitive tasks.

openElement lets you work visually and choose from many functional, graphical, ready-to-use and adaptable elements. The available elements allow you to customize standard content, such as text, images, and videos, as well as more advanced interactive content like contact forms, maps, and photo galleries, and even elements linked to a database like login pages, news/blog items, product pages, and much more.

A wide selection of website templates and element presets is also available royalty-free. If an element has not been created yet, openElement lets you incorporate your own scripts (Java, JavaScript, or PHP). If you think others could benefit from the element you created, share it with the community!

Clean Code:
As soon as you publish or export your project, openElement will generate all the necessary files, the code of which is W3C compliant. To save you time, this code is compatible with all browsers and mobile platforms (tablets and smartphones). We will do everything possible to ensure your project is in tune with the latest web standards.

Active Community:
openElement is an ideal solution for professional website designers and developers. The software is developed with you in mind: check out our forum, post a new topic, or better yet share your expertise with fellow users.

openElement is completely free, without ads or restrictions, so you can take full advantage of its powerful features.


"Not user-friendly AT ALL"

Reviewer: -bolgwrad

Review Date: 2015-10-05

Pros: It's free. It looks powerful.

Cons: You have to use one of their templates, otherwise it's more pain than it's worth trying to edit an existing site. The 'power' comes from connecting to their extension library which will probably make your site run like molasses. Connection errors, config errors, extra folders blithely added to your system in abundance, clunky interface, thank the lord it costs nothing but wasted time. Avoid.

Other Thoughts: Amateurish.


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