What's New in version 4.1.7:

New Features:

  • Support AdoptOpenJDK
  • Adds support for AdoptOpenJDK as well as Oracle Java

Highlighted Improvements/Enhancements:

  • For a complete overview of all resolved issues please see the see the list in Bugzilla

What's New in version 4.1.8:


  • The OpenOffice SDK can now be built with Java 8
  • Bug Fixes
  • Updated dictionaries

Highlighted Improvements/Enhancements:

  • Cannot insert .dib pictures in documents
  • Cannot connect to MediaWiki in options dialog
  • Word Count Dialog: Last digit truncated at the right
  • PDF Export crashes for Source Han Sans / Noto CJK fonts
  • Fix for 'The Password is incorrect. The file cannot be opened.'
  • Updated DejaVu fonts
  • Replaced Quicktime with MacAVF
  • Issue with layout of dialog 'Solver'
  • AOO Writer - Spellchecker: glitch