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Reviewed on July 26, 2017

One of the worst parts of falling in love with classic computer games is that they eventually lose their shine. Players become used to the systems of newer games and it becomes impossible to go back to old games and play. In other cases, technology progresses too far and the old games literally become unplayable. There have been many groups that have sought to find solutions to these problems, either by finding ways to make old games compatible with technology or finding ways to upgrade them to keep up with gamers. One of the more successful examples of one of these projects is OpenRA.

Modernization of the Classic Command and Conquer Games

OpenRA takes the classic Command and Conquer games and makes a few adjustments to bring them forward into the present day. A great deal of what is done can simply be considered quality of life changes - updated interfaces and control schemes that are better aligned with what players expect today. There is also a great deal of work done under the hood, both helping the games to run well on modern systems and making way for new mods to the classic games. What you get is as close to the nostalgia-tinted view of the Command and Conquer games as reality will allow.

The best part about the OpenRA games is how far they go to keep the essence of the games the same. The first few Command and Conquer games still have great mechanics, but they look awful on modern monitors. With the upgrades here, the games become much easier to play and enjoy for players of all ages. The quality of life upgrades are also fantastic - just being able to switch to a more reasonable control scheme really makes the game feel better. It's not something you'd notice if you haven't tried to go back to old Command and Conquer games, but it's still nice to see.

OpenRA doesn't, however, solve the problems that are related to these Command and Conquer games being outdated. It's hard to recommend OpenRA's version of Red Alert, for example, when you could just go out and install Red Alert 2 to get a much better experience. The game does its best to bring back a trio of titles from the grave, but what you get is still a relic of the past. It's not necessarily a bad thing to hold on to nostalgia, but that doesn't mean the games always stand up.


OpenRA is a great product for those who want to play the classic Command and Conquer games. If you're dead set on playing these games, this is really the only reasonable way to play. If you're looking for a more modern experience, though, you aren't going to find it here. This program brings back the old games with a few tweaks, but most of the old warts are still there. Even with that said, OpenRA provides a fantastic look back into the golden age of RTS games, giving new players a chance to experience the games that helped to build a genre.

Software Product Description

Recreation of the classic Command & Conquer real time strategy game.