Opera Mail 1.0      

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Release Date:   2016-02-29

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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 Reviewed on February 29, 2016

Opera is one of the lesser used Internet browsers available and truth is that Opera Mail is not for everyone. It lacks many of the modern design elements that users have come to expect, but in exchange you get an intuitive and surprisingly powerful free email client that is lightweight and spry. It also comes with a news feed reader. If efficiency and productivity are your main concerns, then you might want to consider Opera Mail.

Using Opera Mail

Downloading and installing Opera Mail only takes a few minutes, and the setup procedure is very quick. Just write your name, email address and if the account is POP or IMAP. When the software opens, you might be surprised at how simple it looks. There's a column on the left to select what you want to view, the emails are listed in the center and the right column provides a space to read the email. While the design is very simple, you'll quickly get over this when you see how much this free email client can do.

One of the best things is the tabbed environment. You can open several emails at once and keep them in your tabs. It's also possible to presort your inbox by telling Opera which emails are important or junk and color coding them appropriately.

The news feed reader allows you to read the latest articles from your favorite websites. There are some websites installed in the default list, and it's easy to add new ones. This ensures that you never miss an article when you're online.

Email composition fields can be edited to suit your needs. Don't need a Cc or Bcc field? You can get rid of them by opening a drop-down menu and unchecking the fields. This allows you to put as much or as little in the email as you want, and it also helps you control how much RAM is used when the software is running.

Speaking of RAM, you'll love has fast this program is. It uses very little system memory. Even many premium email clients will have a hard time keeping up with this program because everything is made specifically for speed. Emails open quickly, it takes less than a second to compose an email and the news feeder updates without any hesitation. This is what makes Opera Mail surprisingly attractive because it's so useful.

This program is currently available for both Windows and Apple, and there is very little difference between the two. You get the same level of speed and service regardless of your OS.


Very few people love the Opera browser and it makes up a small percentage of overall Internet browsing, but you might be drawn in by this diamond in the rough. Opera Mail is lightweight, fast, responsive and just a marvel to use. While it lacks the modern bells and whistles in terms of design, it makes up for it by being an efficient email client that both casual and power users can appreciate.

Software Product Description

Opera Mail is a lightweight, customizable mail client.