What's New in version 73.0.3856.344

  • CHR-8265 Update chromium on desktop-stable-87-3856 to 87.0.4280.141
  • DNA-90625 [Mac] Crash at opera::TabView::GetPaintData(opera::TabState) const
  • DNA-90735 Crash at opera::BrowserSidebarModel::GetItemVisible(opera::BrowserSidebarItem const*) const
  • DNA-90780 Crash at extensions::CommandService::GetExtensionActionCommand(std::__1::basic_string const&, extensions::ActionInfo::Type, extensions::CommandService::QueryType, extensions::Command*, bool*)
  • DNA-90821 Crash at opera::BrowserSidebarController::Action(opera::BrowserSidebarItem const*, opera::BrowserSidebarItemContentView*)

What's New in version 73.0.3856.329:

  • DNA-89156 Crash at content::RenderViewHostImpl::OnFocus()
  • DNA-89731 [Mac] Bookmarks bar overlaps Babe section when hovering the OMenu
  • DNA-90189 Music service portal logotypes are blurred on Win
  • DNA-90336 add session data schema
  • DNA-90399 Address bar dropdown suggestions overlap each other
  • DNA-90520 Crash at absl::raw_logging_internal::RawLog(absl::LogSeverity, char const*, int, char const*, …)
  • DNA-90538 Crash at extensions::CommandService::GetExtensionActionCommand(std::__1::basic_string const&, extensions::ActionInfo::Type, extensions::CommandService::QueryType, extensions::Command*, bool*)
  • DNA-90600 Don’t report workspace visibility, when functionality is disabled.
  • DNA-90665 Collect music service statistics WP2
  • DNA-90773 Bad translation from english to spanish in UI
  • DNA-90789 Crash at opera::ThumbnailHelper::RunNextRequest()

What's New in version 72.0.3815.320:

  • CHR-8177 Update chromium on desktop-stable-86-3815 to 86.0.4240.183
  • DNA-89748 ‘Manage Extensions’ dialog is displayed with preloaded extensions
  • DNA-89766 Address bar does not respond to actions

What's New in version 72.0.3815.148:

  • CHR-8144 Update chromium on desktop-stable-86-3815 to 86.0.4240.80
  • DNA-89150 Unhardcode 'From' and 'To' strings in Advanced History Search
  • DNA-89165 No safety warning displayed for Lookalike URL interstitial page
  • DNA-89289 Failed PremiumExtensions browsertests
  • DNA-89441 Crash when installing Amazon promotion extension in private window
  • DNA-89458 Sidebar – WhatsApp icon is used for VK
  • DNA-89479 Fix translations for RU and UA
  • DNA-89482 Amazon extension icon disappears from sidebar after installing extension from private window
  • DNA-89521 Set PositionOptions.maximumAge for 1h for the Weather widget
  • DNA-89551 Port fix for 'Heap buffer overflow due to integer truncation in FreeType' to desktop-stable-86-3815

What's New in version 71.0.3770.148:

  • CHR-8091 Update chromium on desktop-stable-85-3770 to 85.0.4183.102
  • DNA-87785 [Mac] 'Alitools' text in extension toolbar overlaps Install button
  • DNA-87935 Make SSD smaller by 25&'37;
  • DNA-87963 Hidden Avira extension in avira_2 edition
  • DNA-88015 [MyFlow] Desktop doesn't show itself in devices list
  • DNA-88469 Add context menu options to configure shortcuts
  • DNA-88496 Define a/b test in ab_tests.json
  • DNA-88537 Don't filter out hashes from feature reference groups coming from rollout
  • DNA-88580 Implement search_in_tabs telemetry benchmark
  • DNA-88604 [History panel] Search bar covers the 'Clear browsing data' button
  • DNA-88619 String 'Download complete' is cut on download popup
  • DNA-88645 Remove option should not be available for last workspace
  • DNA-88718 [History panel] fix delete button overflow issue

What's New in version 70.0.3728.189:

  • DNA-87935 Make SSD smaller by 25&'37;
  • DNA-88039 Crash at non-virtual thunk to opera::ExtensionInstallInfoBarDelegate::OnInfoBarRemoved(infobars::InfoBar*, bool)
  • DNA-88537 Don’t filter out hashes from feature reference groups coming from rollout
  • DNA-88580 Implement search_in_tabs telemetry benchmark
  • DNA-88586 Update trending pages endpoint
  • DNA-88610 Restore kFeatureSDSuggestionsExternal

What's New in version 70.0.3728.133:

  • CHR-8053 Update chromium on desktop-stable-84-3728 to 84.0.4147.125
  • DNA-87289 Crash at views::NativeWidgetMacNSWindowHost::OnNativeViewHostDetach(views::View const*)
  • DNA-87831 [Linux] Sidebar panel cannot be pinned
  • DNA-88057 [Win] Black rectangle flickers at the bottom of the page on startup
  • DNA-88157 Sidebar Messenger too low in FullScreen mode
  • DNA-88238 [macOS 10.15] Toolbar buttons not visible on inactive tab

What's New in version 70.0.3728.119:

  • Introduce easy-setup-hint-ref feature flag

What's New in version 70.0.3728.71:

  • DNA-86267 Make 'Recently closed tabs' appearance consistent with 'Search for open tabs'.
  • DNA-86988 Opera 70 translations
  • DNA-87530 Zen news leads not loading
  • DNA-87636 Fix displaying folder icon for closed windows in recently closed list
  • DNA-87682 Replace Extensions icon in toolbar with icon from sidebar
  • DNA-87756 Extend chrome.sessions.getRecentlyClosed with information about last active tab in window.
  • DNA-87778 Crash at opera::InstantSearchViewViews::~InstantSearchViewViews()
  • DNA-87815 Change affiliate links for AliExpress Search

What's New in version 69.0.3686.77:

  • DNA-84207 New Yubikey enrollment is not working
  • DNA-87185 Lost translation
  • DNA-87382 Integrate scrolling to top of the feed with the existing scroll position restoration
  • DNA-87535 Sort out news on startpage state
  • DNA-87588 Merge 'Prevent pointer from being sent in the clear over SCTP' to desktop-stable-83-3686

What's New in version 69.0.3686.36:

  • We are very happy to announce that Opera has become the first major browser to integrate Twitter, which is now available in the sidebar. In the newest version 69 of the Opera browser for desktop, all the Twitter fans among you can get the best possible experience on your desktop computers.
  • Opera specializes in providing unique features not typically found in other major browsers and comes with a built-in ad blocker and tracker blocker, free browser VPN, Crypto Wallet, and integrated social media messengers.
  • The new Twitter feature follows shortly after we launched built-in Instagram support and reached a record number of users in March 2020.

A better Twitter experience:

  • According to a survey we conducted ahead of the launch, 62&'37; of Twitter users in the US wish for the social media platform to be easier to use on their desktop computers.
  • Twitter users think it should be easier to access Twitter on their PCs and we agree: we have now tweaked Opera to make it the perfect browser for them.
  • Thirty-nine percent of the Twitter users who participated in our survey check the platform several times a day. Using the new Twitter feature directly in Opera makes it more convenient for you to scroll through your feed or search Twitter.
  • The use of a keyboard and a large display makes tweeting or sending direct messages more convenient. Using Twitter directly in the browser's sidebar is also more convenient than picking up your smartphone or opening a special client app on your PC, especially when it's breaking news you want to follow. The sidebar integration makes it easier to find Twitter whenever it's needed.
  • In simple terms: Whether it's a Throwback Thursday or a #Caturday, no one likes to waste time looking for the tab where they last opened Twitter.
  • Having Twitter built into Opera gives you quick access to your main feed, the search function, as well as direct messages, allowing you to respond to unfolding events more quickly.
  • To enable Twitter in the Opera browser, you simply have to click the three-dot icon at the bottom of the sidebar and tick Twitter in the Messengers section. With the Twitter icon now in your sidebar, you can log into a Twitter account and you're all set: you can use Twitter directly from your browser.
  • All your social media services integrated in your browser:
  • With today's Twitter integration, Opera is proving once again that it's the best browser for social media. We have already introduced built-in support for Instagram, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and VKontakte in previous releases. After choosing the social media of your choice, it remains always at hand directly in your sidebar.

Twitter Survey results:

  • Opera's Twitter survey (conducted via Pollfish) gathered responses from 1,000 American internet users concerning how they use Twitter and what their interests are. The respondents were mostly interested in using the platform to find out about breaking news (44&'37;), to keep up with news in general (49'), to pass time (44') and to see what people are talking about while watching TV, sports or live events (26').
  • As far as popular hashtags go, #Staysafe was known to 53' of people, followed by #HumpDay (51'), #tbt (36'), #FoodieFriday (35') and #MondayMotivation (31').

A new weather widget:

  • The newest version of Opera also includes a new weather widget on the start page. It welcomes you with Opera's hometown of Oslo but once you set it to your location, it keeps you informed about the weather wherever you're located.

Improved visual tab cycler:

  • Remember our visual tab cycler (Ctrl+Tab)? We have now improved it by making more tabs visible and making the tiles larger.
  • Improvements to Workspaces
  • We just wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't continue tweaking our most recently added features. Workspaces, a tool which allows you to group tabs according to the context you use them in, is no exception.
  • With Opera 69 we have added an option to the context menu which allows you to open a link in one of your Workspaces. And once you do open a link in a different Workspace, or move a webpage between Workspaces, you now get a notification dot on the Workspace that you have moved it to.
  • If you're a MacOS user, the Window menu will now also display a list of your Workspaces.
  • That's it for now. We hope you enjoy our new release – feel free to Tweet about it.


  • DNA-85512 SNAP CTRL+C not working as expected on some pages
  • DNA-86105 Blinking divider when hovering through tabs
  • DNA-86343 [Mac] Unable to drag text from page content
  • DNA-86769 Tab's indicator is visible through the foreground tab while dragging
  • DNA-87012 Crash on dragging tab
  • DNA-87047 Crash at views::View::SchedulePaint()
  • DNA-87052 Tab cycler moves to the left when Toggle device toolbar is clicked in DevTools
  • DNA-87146 Support new design for overlays
  • DNA-87179 Missing “Block” button on the dropdown cookies window

What's New in version 68.0.3618.173:

  • DNA-85512 SNAP CTRL+C not working as expected on some pages
  • DNA-85580 Crash at ThumbnailTabHelper::StartVideoCapture()
  • DNA-86357 Crash at remote_cocoa::NativeWidgetNSWindowBridge::SetVisibilityState(remote_cocoa::mojom::WindowVisibilityState)
  • DNA-87146 Support new design for overlays

What's New in version 68.0.3618.63:

  • CHR-7889 Update chromium on desktop-stable-81-3618 to 81.0.4044.122
  • CHR-7896 Update chromium on desktop-stable-81-3618 to 81.0.4044.129
  • DNA-85287 Set standard spacing for Yandex prompt
  • DNA-85416 [Mac] Animation of tab insert is glitchy on slow machines
  • DNA-85568 Verify API for triggering 'unread' mode with Instagram.
  • DNA-86027 Present Now not working in google meet after canceling it once
  • DNA-86028 Add a back and forward button in the Instagram panel
  • DNA-86029 Investigate and implement re-freshing of the instagram panel content

What's New in version 68.0.3618.56:

  • DNA-85256 [Win] Cookies section on site pages is white in dark mode
  • DNA-85474 [Mac] Dragging tabs to the left with hidden sidebar is broken
  • DNA-85771 DNS-over-HTTPS example in settings is wrong
  • DNA-85976 Change page display time when navigating from opera:startpage

What's New in version 68.0.3618.46:

  • CHR-7878 Update chromium on desktop-stable-81-3618 to 81.0.4044.113
  • DNA-78158 PATCH-1272 should be removed
  • DNA-84721 Weather widget is overlapped when ‘Use bigger tiles’
  • DNA-85246 Implement 0-state dialog and onboarding
  • DNA-85354 O-menu is misplaced when opened with maximized opera
  • DNA-85405 Add link to Privacy Policy on the 0-state dialog
  • DNA-85409 Ask for geolocation EULA once
  • DNA-85426 Crash at opera::DownloadActionButton::Update()
  • DNA-85454 Add id’s to elements for testing
  • DNA-85493 Add “Show Weather” toggle to “Start Page” section in Easy Setup
  • DNA-85501 Set timestamps in geolocation exception record
  • DNA-85514 Add fallback when geolocation fails
  • DNA-85713 Report consent for geolocation on start page
  • DNA-85753 Fetch news configuration from new endpoint
  • DNA-85798 Incorrect padding in Search in Tabs window
  • DNA-85801 Disable notification on instagram panel
  • DNA-85809 Update instagram icon in the Sidebar Setup
  • DNA-85854 Change Instagram panel size, to fit desktop version

What's New in version 67.0.3575.137:

  • CHR-7852 Update chromium on desktop-stable-80-3575 to 80.0.3987.163
  • DNA-82540 Crash at remote_cocoa::NativeWidgetNSWindowBridge:: SetVisibilityState(remote_cocoa::mojom::WindowVisibilityState)
  • DNA-84951 New PiP is completely black for some 2 GPU setups
  • DNA-85284 Chrome 'Open link in same tab, pop-up as tab [Free]' extension is no longer working in Opera
  • DNA-85415 [Mac] Inspect Popup not working
  • DNA-85530 Create API for displaying and triggering 'unread' mode for messengers from in-app
  • DNA-85537 Let interact with sidebar messengers

What's New in version 67.0.3575.115:

  • CHR-7833 Update chromium on desktop-stable-80-3575 to 80.0.3987.149
  • DNA-74423 [Mac] Search/Copy popup stuck on top left of screen
  • DNA-82975 Crash at blink::DocumentLifecycle::EnsureStateAtMost(blink::DocumentLifecycle::LifecycleState)
  • DNA-83834 Crash at base::MessagePumpNSApplication:: DoRun(base::MessagePump::Delegate*)
  • DNA-84632 macOS 10.15.2 fail on creating testlist.json
  • DNA-84713 Switching through tabs broken when using workspaces

What's New in version 66.0.3515.72:

  • DNA-79691 Unable to play video on Netflix right after Opera installation
  • DNA-82102 Wrong cursor and X color of the search fields on Bookmark/History sidebar panels
  • DNA-82722 Google Translator blocks PDF viewer
  • DNA-83407 Crash at static void 'anonymous namespace'::PureCall()
  • DNA-83530 Bad colors in Personal news when dark theme turned on
  • DNA-83531 Dragging speed dial root folders in bookmarks sidebar makes duplicates
  • DNA-83542 Fix background tabs loading issues
  • DNA-83806 Crash at opera::RichHintDisplayHandlerViews::OnWidgetDestroying(views::Widget*)
  • DNA-83882 Crash at base::Value::Clone()

What's New in version 65.0.3467.62:

  • CHR-7658 Update chromium on desktop-stable-78-3467 to 78.0.3904.108
  • DNA-81387 Remove support for old bundle structure in signing scripts
  • DNA-81675 Update widevine signature localisation in signed packages
  • DNA-81884 [Advanced content blocking] Ads are blocked for whitelisted page in Incognito
  • DNA-82230 [Mac] URL is not correctly aligned when the Geolocation is ON
  • DNA-82368 Generating diffs for unsinged packages doesn’t work
  • DNA-82414 Wrong number of trackers displayed just after deactivating adblocker
  • DNA-82470 [Linux] Snap package doesn’t recognise GNOME 3.24 platform snap connection
  • DNA-82473 not working with AdBlocker enabled
  • DNA-82484 Update content blocking icon
  • DNA-82485 [Mac 10.15] Opera installer error at the end of installation process
  • DNA-82508 [Adblocker] Predefault lists can not be unchecked
  • DNA-82557 Address bar dropdown launches HTTP GETs for every autocomplete
  • DNA-82596 Do not block first-party ‘trackers’
  • DNA-82616 Settings – Tracker Blocker – Add 'Learn more' link
  • DNA-82626 [Win] High CPU usage due to media indicator animation
  • DNA-82647 Tab icons mixed after Tab closing
  • DNA-82742 Pages won’t load after closing private mode
  • DNA-82768 Mark also the reference group in 'exp' header for DNA-81658
  • DNA-82840 Disable favicon fetching for typed URLs

What's New in version 64.0.3417.83:

  • DNA-79676 Use FFmpegDemuxer to demux ADTS
  • DNA-81010 Spinner takes a lot of cpu
  • DNA-81385 Keys on some popups in dark mode can't be hovered
  • DNA-81494 [Mac] Snap onboarding doesn't appear while the icon still flashes
  • DNA-82003 Restore legacy path for AudioFileReader
  • DNA-82019 Enable #ffmpeg-demuxer-everywhere by default in developer

What's New in version 63.0.3368.65:

Improved private mode:

  • The first thing you'll notice when you open a private window in Opera 63, is information about the way it works. We want to make sure you know what kind of data is cleared once you leave private mode. However, we would also like you to be aware that some data from private browsing (like new bookmarks you create) will still be visible in normal mode.

Saving Bookmarks:

  • Based on your requests, a default location for saving bookmarks will be the Bookmarks Bar instead of the Other Bookmarks folder. You can still choose a different location yourself in the bookmarks popup when saving. Later, you can edit the bookmarks bar in bookmarks manager as well.

Detailed changelog:

  • DNA-79569 Don't provide default value for titleTextColor in opr.wallpapersAPI
  • DNA-80221 Change channel to 'stable' in permissions features for wallpapersPrivate
  • DNA-80230 Promote O63 to stable

What's New in version 62.0.3331.116:

  • CHR-7498 Update chromium on desktop-stable-75-3331 to 75.0.3770.142
  • DNA-78224 Sidebar buttons for internal pages not working on internal pages
  • DNA-78291 [Mac] Unable to move detached developer tool window
  • DNA-78385 [MacOS] Pinned communicators are not visible in full-screen mode
  • DNA-78502 Reload page button on toolbar doesn't work on Mac
  • DNA-79274 No warning notification on quitting Opera with multiple tabs open after update
  • DNA-79753 Bookmark manager doesn't open in private mode
  • DNA-79882 Control search box styling dynamically
  • DNA-80009 Use lowercase for search country matching

What's New in version 62.0.3331.18:

  • With the newest release of Opera 62, we have some interesting design updates on top of the changes we introduced in Reborn 3. We'd also like to show you a feature that will help you plan your holidays more easily.

Design updates including improved Dark Mode and support for Windows dark theme:

  • Ever since the launch of Reborn 3 in April, we've been hard at work improving our dark theme to make it available throughout the browser. Opera also supports the Windows dark theme. This means you can make Opera darker: we've made the authentication dialogs, context menus and bookmarks editing dark. The checkmark icon will now also change colors when hovered. We've also changed the color of alert texts to a new shade of red.
  • With this release, we also thought about those of you who use large HD displays. To make the use of the Speed Dial easier, we have introduced a function in the EasySetup panel that lets you make the tiles larger.

Task completer - Plan your travels with ease:

  • Getting back to the things you find on the Web is not always easy. Where was it? Did someone send me that link? Did I see that website while searching for something else? Where did I save it? We know the pain.
  • With this release, we are creating the option to connect your browser's history to your Speed Dial so that you can more easily return to and finish the tasks you've started. This should happen seamlessly - without the need for you to dig through your history or locate the tab you started with. This is a concept we first thought of on the Neon project, and now we are introducing the first experimental version of it into our main Opera browser.
  • We wanted to experiment with Task Completer in a context where retrieving previous search results is most important, such as travel. When we look for flights and book hotels we don't always make instant decisions. Oftentimes, we want to go back to a specific hotel and show it to friends or loved ones traveling with us before we book. That is why, in this first experimental release of the Task Completer, we are helping you get back to the hotels that you searched for on We will present them to you locally, on Opera's Speed Dial. This is done fully client-side, without any network look-up, and will only appear for active users who have looked into at least 3 different hotels. You can use the preview feature immediately or hide it for later.
  • This feature has already helped relieve the chaos while planning our holidays and we hope you will find it as useful as we do.

What's New in version 58.0.3135.90:

  • DNA-74748 Add switch to turn off adding startpage to sessions
  • DNA-75154 [Mac] Show Toolbar in Fullscreen broken after using fullscreen tab
  • DNA-76009 Allow flow to work on * domains
  • DNA-76015 Disable the use of QUIC proxies for https:// URLs (O58 only)
  • DNA-76021 Don't launch Opera on manual updates
  • DNA-76223 Heap-use-after-free WRITE 4 · v8::internal::ElementsAccessorBase - port to desktop-stable-71-3135

What's New in version 58.0.3135.47:

  • There are two new features in this build. Opera 58 will warn you before closing an Opera window with multiple tabs open. This means it will prevent you from accidentally losing the data you might have typed in when filling out forms or writing comments, or in situations where you lose all your tabs due to a 'slip of the mouse.' The confirmation dialog we added serves as a warning. If you don't wish to see this dialog again, simply tick the checkbox titled 'Do not show this warning again.' The warning dialog won't be shown when closing private windows. To turn the warning back on, go to Settings > Advanced > User interface.
  • Further rollout of different news delivery mechanism in Russia With this build, we continue to roll out an updated news delivery mechanism to our Russian users. We have now integrated Yandex Zen, a smart, personal news recommendation service, into our start page, replacing our previous mechanism.. We have introduced it to provide our users in Russia with a better access to more personalized news. What this means for them is that they will get better news, chosen based on their preferences and browsing history. Yandex Zen uses machine-learning technology and automatically adjusts to your news preferences. Yandex Zen has been switched on only in Russia. We hope you enjoy Opera 58!

What's New in version 56.0.3051.99:

  • DNA-72644 extension desktop capture does not work properly
  • DNA-73176 Cannot see full license text on opera//about/credits
  • DNA-73285 [Linux] No tab separator
  • DNA-73335 Crash at -[ZoomButton setAddressBarModel]
  • DNA-73492 Coupon toolbar

What's New in version 56.0.3051.43:

  • DNA-72189 No hover on bookmarks bar folders
  • DNA-72226 [Mac] Blurry zoom indicator with disable-gpu switch

What's New in version 55.0.2994.44:

  • DNA-70673 Non active tab become highlighted when closing other one
  • DNA-70768 'X' in last tab disappears on hover
  • DNA-70915 [Win] [Settings] Some options are displayed too thin
  • DNA-71038 [Linux] Sidebar panel not closed after clicking on page or icon
  • DNA-71102 [Win] After creating some new tabs on Speed Dial and then switching to them, Speed Dial is empty (only Google search is visible).
  • DNA-71235 Settings - Block ads - Exceptions - 'Search for a site' missing
  • DNA-71263 'Pressing Tab on a webpage highlights all links, as well as form fields' missing in new settings
  • DNA-71288 Change scroll to dark in dark mode
  • DNA-71614 [linux] Black border around sidebar windows
  • DNA-71672 Spellcheck context menu doesn't list all languages.
  • DNA-71681 Make settings-menu narrower
  • DNA-71832 [Mac] Enable search box in the address bar option should not be visable
  • DNA-71837 Make search box non-floating
  • DNA-71867 Synchronise new spell checking list with old Opera settings
  • DNA-71880 [Windows] Missing options in user interface section

What's New in version 54.0.2952.71:

  • DNA-70922 Crash at opera::WebContentsDeletionObserver::WebContentsDestroyed()
  • DNA-71314 Use ffmpeg codec distributed by Ubuntu in Linux snap
  • DNA-71386 Exclude 'old suggestions' from post-migration clean-up

What's New in version 55.0.2994.29 Beta:

  • DNA-70922 Crash at opera::WebContentsDeletionObserver::WebContentsDestroyed(
  • DNA-70958 O55 translations (12.07.2018
  • DNA-71083 [Settings] Add categories on Settings page
  • DNA-71213 'Rate me' and 'Opera help' link are missing in new settings
  • DNA-71219 Display six columns in the wallpaper gallery
  • DNA-71241 Update Polish translation for: Send news usage data to improve personalization

What's New in version 54.0.2952.64:

  • DNA-69969 [Demuxer] renderer crash at _delayLoadHelper2
  • DNA-70857 [Mac] Extension icons not redrawn correctly after disable/enable
  • DNA-71080 error message in about page after update check time out
  • DNA-71098 Update tests related to instant search hint
  • DNA-71101 Remove Instant Search hints
  • DNA-71112 Disable SD blacklist protection in O54

What's New in version 54.0.2952.60:

  • DNA-70026 WelcomePage tests need an update
  • DNA-70812 Crash at opera::content_filter::BlacklistManager::UpdateBlacklistHitStat(unsigned char)
  • DNA-70814 Fix launching of autoupdate when same version of Opera has been installed to same folder at least three times
  • DNA-70923 Randomize questions order in NetInstaller survey
  • DNA-70967 The 'Other' option should be last in Quality section