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It is no longer necessary to have sophisticated machines to play drums for your musical composition or any other purpose. You only need to install an appropriate program on your computer, and one you should consider is orDrumbox. The open source drum machine software implements unusual features and provides a complete set of tools that allow you to compose complete songs.

Using orDrumbox

The program's graphic user interface changed depending on the function or tool we were using. The tools included arpeggiator, audio mixer, drumkit editor, piano roll, softsynth and step sequencer. We selected the required functions using the buttons on the lower part of the program window.

We could write our own pattern from scratch, auto-generate a pattern or import samples to use as drumkits.

To write our pattern, we first cleared the existing pattern by selecting "Clear Song" from the "Songs" menu, creating a blank working space. We then clicked the add button (with a plus sign) on the upper right part of the program window, and we could add several new tracks. Each track corresponded to one sound.

We needed to write the correct track name because sound automatically matched the name. The software uses Natural Language Processing to match sounds to tracks and categorize the sounds. For example, when you name a track 'electric base 1,' the program assigns it to the closest instrument available in the drum kit.

Adding a new note for creating the main beat was as easy as clicking. Adding a loop allowed the program to repeat the note with each beat. We repeated the same procedure for each track as we selected different notes, and we could create as many sounds as we wanted. We could then change tempo and volume before playing the song we had just created.

To generate a pattern automatically, we defined a few rules and then clicked "Auto Generate Pattern." We then simply clicked the "Play" button to test the auto-generated song. Ticking the "Auto Variation" check box enabled the program to vary the pattern as it played.

We could add a track to the generated pattern by clicking the "Add Track" button and making an appropriate selection. We performed these tasks even as the music played.

The sequencer allowed us to assemble the patterns in a song. We could configure the program to repeat each pattern several times.


If you want to create drum accompaniments for a song, then orDrumbox will make the process easy for you. You can create and modify a baseline, change instruments, test and save a pattern. You can listen to the pattern as you modify it because the free drum software updates the changes you make in real time. The program requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6.

Software Product Description

The orDrumbox is a free drum machine software.

Requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6 or above. Get It Here.


"Doesn't run in a 64bit machine using Win7(x64)"

Reviewer: -Magengar

Review Date: 2016-03-15

Pros: looks nice.

Cons: can't run it.

Other Thoughts: I have a 64bit desktop machine using Win7(x64) and the latest Java version installed. But this drum program still won't run as it is requiring me to have Java 1.6 installed... wtf?
So sad, because I planned on swapping drum samples between this and my Alesis SR16 via midi to create my own drum sounds.
I'll try once more, and if it fails I'll try some other drum program.


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