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Reviewed on June 18, 2019

Track your internet connection with OverSite.

MollieSoft's OverSite is a useful utility that tracks your internet connection and monitors several default high traffic websites along with any website you want to add. The sites are pinged to determine their up or down status. The need to manually check your internet connection is eliminated when you run OverSite. The time of the latest ping is displayed along with a timeline graph.

In addition to the ability to monitor websites, the software can be set to use the IP address of any computer on your network to track awake and sleep hours.

Put OverSite to work for you

Download the OverSite install package, and unzip and install the free utility. You'll need to be logged on as Administrator and have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 on the system. The installation places a shortcut in the system's Startup folder, so that OverSite starts when you boot up, and one on the desktop for manual startup.

Click through from the initial splash screen to the user interface. There is a menu bar above the main window where columns display Site Watcher names, Enabled checkboxes, # Sites required, Sites to ping, Last ping, and Last good ping. Underneath this, the selected Site Watcher information is provided in four-hour blocks of time. Input boxes enable you to input the Start date and number of days - up to 10 - to show and checkboxes for Live, Zoom or Graph, i.e. whether or not the graph is displayed. Check Live for the graph to show today and up to the past number of days specified. Uncheck it and input a previous time period.

The timeline graph is color-coded to show:

  • Sites Up: - requested number of pings have responded
  • Sites Down: - not enough responses
  • Disabled: - Site Watcher's Enabled checkbox is unchecked
  • Unknown: - OverSite not running
  • Sleeping: - computer in hibernating or sleep state
  • Awake: - computer running

Since the main purpose of the utility is to check your internet connection, OverSIte automatically creates the Internet Site Watcher the first time it's run. This displays the status of the default websites,,, and, which is Google's public DNS server.

Each time you start Oversite to check your internet connection, the program creates a new History Log file which is accessible from the History Log tab on the menu bar. It displays errors and logins. An Explore Logs button enables navigation to the directory containing previous log files.

Adding Site Watchers

You can add sites to the Internet Site Watcher or remove them, and create new Site Watchers, and add websites to them. In order to monitor websites, i.e. those you add to your new Site Watcher, you will need the IP address or domain name, and the site must be able to receive pings - the firewalls of some sites block them. OverSite software provides a Ping Test button within the Add Site dialog for you to use to test the site in addition to inputting the number of sites required to return information.

When you create a new Site Watcher, it will be added to the listing and the timeline graph will generate a new segment.

Customizing the utility

The Settings tab on the menu bar allows you to make changes to the default settings. There are several available font sizes available, for example. OverSite can be minimized to the System Tray. Any settings your change are maintained for the next time the program is launched.

Using OverSite to check your internet connection by monitoring websites provides you with information on whether your internet connection is up or down with just a click on the program icon to bring up the interface. It can run in the background without any heavy use of resources and is compatible with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1.

Software Product Description

Free software monitors websites to check your internet connection.