PC-Com Basic 8.0 Beta      

Size:  2.7MB

License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2006-09-13

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OS:  Win 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

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Software Product Description

PC-Com gives you an easier and faster alternative to use your computer. You can use it on your home computer, laptop, or business computer. Instead of double-clicking icons on your desktop, and searching for programs in your Start Menu, you can quickly load anything on your computer or the internet from PC-Com.

PC-Com is a program launcher that lets you open files, folders, and websites by typing keywords. When you want to open something, all you have to do is press a hotkey (semicolon) on your keyboard, type a keyword, and press enter. For example, typing aol as a keyword will open America Online; typing word as a keyword will open Microsoft Word; typing will open You can just type the first couple letters of a keyword and still access it by pressing enter.

There's more to PC-Com than just keywords. You can open websites (typing will take you to, and you can open files and folders (example: c:\program files). You can also use letter commands to search the internet (example: s:mp3s), look up a word in a dictionary or a thesaurus, find related web sites, and shut down or restart your computer.

PC-Com is only visible when you press a hotkey and type a keyword. The toolbar disappears after you press Enter. This provides even more convenience and work space for you.


  • Press a global hotkey (semicolon by default) for quick access to PC-Com.
  • Open files, folders, and websites by typing keywords or by typing the actual location/URL.
    • Direct access to files and folders. PC-Com does not index files and search for them.
  • Type commands to get the memory usage, activate the screensaver, shut down your computer...
  • Type functions to change the display settings of a window.
    • You can hide any window, set a window on top, make a window translucent...
  • Use letter commands to search the web, look up a word in a dictionary, and more.
  • Record macros to automate your repetitive computer tasks.
  • Create notes on your desktop; set reminders
  • Extremely fast and low in memory usage.