PDF Link Editor v1.6.3      

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Release Date:   2018-03-20

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Reviewed on February 07, 2018

Quickly and easily edit PDF links with PDF Link Editor

Free PDF Link Editor is a convenient, easy-to-use application which allows you to edit all the hyperlinks within a PDF document quickly and smoothly. Download and install PDF Link Editor, and it will display all the links in the relevant PDF document - complete with their anchors and page numbers. You can select PDF links from the list the software creates, edit them as a batch, preview the file and save it to replace the original or to create a new file.

With PDF Link Editor's fast, intuitive interface, you can:

  • Batch replace multiple links with just one click.
  • Immediately clear or extract links.
  • Work with it as a standalone application on files originally created from all Adobe PDF versions.

Batch edit, replace, extract or clear specified hyperlinks - no Adobe Acrobat needed

No more replacing links one at a time in Acrobat. PDF Link Editor searches for all the hyperlinks in a PDF document and lists them for you to quickly and easily make changes. Then, all you need to do is click a button, and the document is exported with all the links corrected.

PDF Link Editor quickly removes all selected links within a document. Or, they can be extracted and archived simply by selecting a target folder at the prompt.

While supporting all Adobe PDF versions up to and including the current one, the application is complete with its own coding. It needs no plug-in to make changes.

The convenience of PDF Link Editor

Adobe Acrobat's "Search and Replace" tool edits and replaces hyperlinks and is reasonably convenient to use when just one or two links are involved. But replacing or changing vast numbers of links is another matter entirely. PDF Link Editor makes the task a simple one and reduces the likelihood of errors being made with the use of one-by-one search and replace tools.

Batch replacement of hyperlinks - just click the "Add PDF" menu item and select the required file and the program will search and list all the hyperlinks in the document. A list of all the links and their anchors is displayed in the left-hand panel of the interface, and a preview of the document can be viewed in the right-hand panel. Just check boxes beside the links to be replaced in the "Select" column, enter the correct link, select a target folder and click the "Replace Links" button on the menu bar.

Clear PDF hyperlinks - check the links to clear and use the "Clear Links" button to access a pop-up window where you can choose a destination folder for the new file.

Extract PDF links - after checking all the links you want to extract, click the "Extract Links" button in the toolbar and select a destination folder in the pop-up window to save the resulting text file.

Edit PDF links with the fast and simple process provided by PDF Link Editor. The application is compatible with all versions of Windows from Vista and up, and only 50MB of disk space is needed. A minimum Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz processor and 256 MB RAM are recommended.

Software Product Description

Free tool to batch edit PDF hyperlinks.