PDF24 Creator 10.0.12      

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Release Date:   2021-03-26  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on June 28, 2018

PDF24-creator allows you to generate PDF files from almost any application. The program installs a virtual printer called "PDF24" which allows users to print PDF files of documents from various sources. Rather than printing the document from your physical printer, PDF24-creator will "print" the document to a PDF file on your computer.


  • Create PDF files from any application as long as the program has the print function
  • Updates are frequent and free
  • Conversions are quick and easy
  • the software is free of charge
  • Create pdf-files from almost any application
  • easy to use
  • supports multiple languages

Using PDF24-creator

For PDF24-creator to work successfully, you will need to have access to the print function and the rights to install a printer. Whenever you want to create a PDF file from an application, the usual process is to select the Print function as you would typically do. Next, the print dialog box will open with several options to choose a printer. Simply select "PDF24 PDF" rather than your connected printer or printers. You can choose to make adjustments such as the orientation (landscape or portrait), the print size, the font, and more. Or, you can immediately print the PDF file directly without making adjustments.

After you click "Print," a new window will appear allowing you to:

  • Adjust the quality of the file
  • Save the document as a PDF file
  • Send the document by Fax
  • Send by Email
  • Save the file as several other file formats
  • Edit the document
  • Open the document
  • Preview the file before saving it as a PDF file
  • Print the file to your connected printer
  • Compress the file
  • Print the document to the cloud

PDF24-creator also includes a "launcher" that quietly resides in your system tray for quick and easy access. The launcher offers direct access to additional options and settings which include:

  • PDF Creator
  • PDF Printer Assistant
  • File Tools
  • Compress PDF Files
  • Online PDF Tools
  • Online PDF Converter
  • PDF24 Fax
  • Send a Fax
  • Import from scanner or camera
  • Capture Screen function

PDF24-creator is an advanced, robust application to handle all of your PDF needs. Whether you want to convert your files to PDF, compress PDF files, or even save files to various formats, PDF24-creator is an excellent software solution and best of all - it's free.

Software Product Description

Create or convert PDF files from any source.