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Release Date:   2017-06-26

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Reviewed on June 26, 2017

PEiD Tab is a free tool that adds a function to analyze and report details of PE (portable executable) files to Windows Explorer. It gives users the opportunity to determine the packer, signature, and programming language that has been used to write a given application.

Features and Functions

Once you have gone through the simple installation process, you will access the program via Windows Explorer to which it smoothly integrates. You will access its functions via the context menu. Right-click on the PE file that you want to check, select "Properties" and then choose the "Add extensions tab PEiD." The file you check may be a DLL library, label application or an executable file.

The utility provides useful details. If you are checking an executable file, for instance, it will show you the compiler that was used to create the file, its programming language, cryptor and wrapper. You will also get details about EP section, linker, entry point, first bytes, subsystem and file offset from the top of the application window.

You will see what the executable file is intended for and what it contains. You will also determine the associated DLL libraries and what the executable accesses.

PEiD Tab can automatically detect up to 3,720 signatures in PE files, and it allows you to add custom signatures. It can calculate hash values for CRC, MD5 and SHA265, with the values being shown on the lower part of the window. Therefore, the application is useful in checking the integrity of files to help you avoid malicious content. In addition, the tool gives you VirusTotal scan results straight from the properties window.

Other functions that you can perform with the application include:

  • Viewing the lines in a file
  • Viewing a list of imported or exported functions
  • Viewing a list of the PACKAGEINFO units
  • Customizing the interface


Windows Explorer provides useful information that can help you avoid unpleasant results when handling executable files. However, the information that you get may at times not suffice to help you understand the safety of a given file. PEiD Tab extends Explorer's functionality, allowing you to get more details about PE files. The utility also supports PEiD 0.95 plug-ins.

Software Product Description

A free utility that extends the possibilities of Windows Explorer by adding a function studies of PE files.