PLP Solvers v18.01      

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Reviewed on December 18, 2017

If your work or academic activities require you to conduct various complex and advanced calculations, you will find this free software the perfect tool to make your tasks much easier.

What is PLP Solvers?

PLP Solvers is basically a tool that allows users to take advantage of a library of solvers for work in Science, Engineering, Mathematics & Education in general.

It falls under the categories "Algorithms, Science, Engineering, and Education" because those areas are where you can apply this program to, as well as similar sciences.

The solvers can make computation easier - even advanced levels of mathematical problem-solving. It gives you a platform of sorts to calculate with where you use a particular utility to solve a required problem.

Features and Functions

Users can be good at math or engineering or not. Both will find the software useful especially during those times you feel too tired or mentally bogged down to conduct any complex calculations.

Be it for school or work, one of the few specialized applications, such as PLP Solvers, can make take the hassle off of numbers and plotting, calculation-wise.

The tool contains a library of utilities or solvers as its called, designed to resolve a Mathematical problem. The general idea is to allow users to calculate solutions based on the generic description of the problem.

The Library of Solvers contain:

  • High precision computation
  • Numerical calculus
  • Complex analysis
  • Geometry
  • Linear algebra
  • Differential equations
  • Optimization
  • Interpolation
  • Distributions
  • And more.

These solvers can be applied to most equations, even in more advanced algorithms.

We have tried out both v17.05 which is its initial release, containing the functions mentioned above. And the latest that contains over 1,400 functions - which basically means it is a larger Library of Solvers.

What's excellent about this program is that it does not require special knowledge in programming and it's language on the user's end. Although you should spend a little time in getting familiar with it, it isn't as complex as you would expect it to be.

A feature many professionals find useful is that it can create plots depending on the type of Solver used.

The only downside we can say so far is that it only has a Windows port available.

Final Thoughts on PLP Solver

To conclude this software review, we recommend that individuals who are studying to be engineers or mathematicians, or enter any field that requires complex computation to try out the PLP Solver.

The comprehensive Library of Solvers is quite impressive, especially since you can make use of any of them without the need for any programming background.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the software first to maximize its advantages after. It is very user-friendly and rather straightforward since it will only require you to write down the problem as detailed as possible then click the 'solve' button.

PLP Solvers can be applied to problems and calculations that require advanced Mathematics, Engineering, Architecture, Physics and similar sciences.

Software Product Description

Library of solvers for advanced math and science calculations.