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Reviewed on August 07, 2017

Personal Network Monitor (PNetMon) is a software utility that runs in the background and keeps tracks of your system's network activity. These days as anti-virus programs are getting smarter, so are the virus writers. Anti-virus programs do fabulous work in protecting your system against attacks, however, the moment your system gets infected, most viruses immediately connect to the malicious server to send and receive additional information. This transfer of information serves multiple purposes. It transfers your crucial data to the malicious server, tries to infect other systems on the internet with malware, and continues updating malware program with the latest updates and patches against future releases of anti-virus programs.

What is PNetMon?

PNetMon is a network tool to keep track of all data going back and forth from your system. The application has two components. One component runs in the background continuously as a windows service. This windows service keeps a watch on all network activity. If you want to see exactly what your system is doing on the internet, there is a small client application that shows all data in a presentable format.

Is PNetMon designed protect your system from virus attacks?

The short answer is no. It does not protect your system from virus attacks, but, it enables you to monitor your system's network activity for added protect. You will still need your anti-virus program, however, PNetMon provides an added layer of security if your system encounters a virus that is smarter than your current anti-virus. Recently there was an attack of RansomWare malware. In an attack like this, your antivirus is unable to diagnose the malware at first. As soon as malware is installed, it continuously updates itself from the malware server, so it becomes almost impossible to determine the issue and cure the system. PNetMon lets you keep a watch on all these activities of your system.

Another function of PNetMon is to alert you if your system communicates with any blacklisted hosts. PNetMon uses the FireHOL level blacklist. FireHOL does a decent job of continuously updating a huge list of IP addresses involved in virus attacks, malware attacks and phishing attempts. The list is always changing with new IP addresses being added and cured IP addresses being removed. Since, it is not possible to create a Firewall rule blocking all tens of thousands of IP addresses, this is a handy feature. When your system tries to communicate with any of these hosts, PNetMon issues a warning for you and creates a firewall rule blocking the specific host.

Our final verdict

PNetMon is a handy network tool to use as additional security with your current anti-virus and firewall. If you are someone who wants to get involved with viewing all network activity and checking what your system is doing on the internet, you should give this application a try.

Software Product Description

PNetMon enables you to see all network connections made by software on your PC.

Note: PNetMon does not view data being sent over the network as it only checks the headers of network packets. Additionally, remote hosts connection information is only temporarily stored.