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Producing animated GIFs is not as complicated as you may think-at least when you use the right program. If you want to design stunning images and even videos without purchasing expensive programs, then PaintCAD is the ideal software for you. This freeware drawing program from Blackstrip Studios makes it easy to create 3D images and different GIF animations.

PaintCAD is used for drawing animated images. Although the program was started as a JAVA midlet for mobile phones, its creators re-wrote its code for Windows operating system. It allows you to create attractive images from scratch even if you are a novice. Creating animated GIFs is as easy as creating and assembling GIF animation frames. Drawings can be created using the keyboard, mouse or touchscreen. This makes it a handy tool because drawing a new picture using the mouse alone is challenging. Have you every struggled with lines that did not want to curve at the right places?

New Features

The latest version of PaintCAD has several new features, including:

  • New command in the Alpha menu called "Create mask in clipboard," which allows users to select transparent colors for creating alpha-masks of current pictures and placing them on the clipboard
  • The ability to convert colors to their grey equivalents using a new button in the RGB tab
  • Another new tab in the same place allows for copying of other colors to the current
  • A new submenu under the "Muzz Music Generator" that gives the ability to manipulate melodies in a variety of ways

Using PaintCAD

When we opened the drawing software for the first time, it presented us with a short tutorial where the entire window displayed what different keys and key combinations did. For example, we learned that pressing cntrl + < opened the Pallete window. Although the training mode did not start the next time we opened the program, we could still access it under the Help menu.

When you start a new project, you have the option of choosing width, height and colors. Alternatively, you can copy and paste or load an existing picture to work on. You can even take pictures or videos using a webcam. The program also allows you to extract JPG or BMP frames from AVI video or pack the frames to create AVI video.

If you have difficulties, the comprehensive Help menu will show you the ropes. The program is more than drawing software. For example, among the extras is a mini browser that can access both the contents of a computer and the Web.


  • No need of installation
  • Ability to use keyboard alone for drawing
  • A large selection of tools and effects


  • Can be a little challenging for first-time users

PaintCAD is available for computers, notebooks and tablets. It currently supports GIF, JPG, BMP and ICO image file formats.

Software Product Description

Free software to create drawings or animated GIFs.