Paleofonts V.2      

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Release Date:   2006-06-12

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Software Product Description

"Paleofonts V. 2" is an *exe file of c. 17 Mb which is unpacked by default in a separate folder, of c. 38 Mb, from where it can be installed into "Windows"'s "Fonts" folder. With additional software and separate procedures, the True Tupe Fonts may work under some "Linux" distributions. The compilation contains 279 paleographic True Type Files plus a brief *pdf document entitled "Explanation", providing some technical and legal statements. The fonts are designed by various authors, whose intellectual property they represent. The credit for the creation of these fonts is all theirs. All of the fonts are free for personal as well as academic use, but not for commercial purposes such as reselling, charging for use, hiring.

The fonts embody dozens of ancient scripts that have been (and in some instances few of them are still being used) for millennia around the Mediterranean sea, as well as Northern, Central and Eastern parts of Europe, ancient Egypt and Near and Middle East. Some of these scripts are scarcely represented in this version, rarely with more than one font, but many, among them various variants of Egyptian hieroglyphs Hebrew, Greek, Latin as well as OCS Cyrillic are quite extensively represented.

The paleographic scripts represented in the "Paleofonts V. 2" package are:

  • Luwian
  • Ugaritic
  • Aramaic
  • Runic
  • Syriac
  • Glagolitic
  • OCS Cyrillic
  • Persian Cuneiform
  • Egyptian Hieroglyphs
  • Demotic
  • Linear A (Complex signs)
  • Linear B
  • Proto-Greek
  • Ancient and Medieval Greek
  • Ancient and Medieval Latin
  • Gothic
  • Etruscan
  • Oscan
  • Phoenician
  • Galilean
  • Celto-Iberian
  • Coptic
  • Meroitic
  • Cypriot
  • Vinča
  • Ancient Hebrew
  • Samaritan
  • Sanskrit
  • Ugaritic
  • Manichean
  • Ogham
  • Umbrian
  • Asomtavruli Mrglovani
  • Siloam type-Inscription


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Other Thoughts: If this pack was delivered by some well-known Font Inc. it could cost
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