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Release Date:   2006-10-20

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Software Product Description

A new software tool designed for authors of fictional stories. It allows you to write creatively and intuitively without logical tasks interfering with the flow of your ideas.

Rather than using lists and tables to keep track of the various parts of your writing project, it works visually, just as Windows does.

You simply create new papels in the main project window, name them and set their type (described below). Papels are easily identifiable, as each type has it's own icon, and the descriptive name you gave it is displayed with it.

Papel allows you to keep track of all the scraps of writing you create along the way, and instantly reminds you of what goes where by the way you group them in your project. Papels can be moved around with your mouse, renamed, and the type changed if you wish. Once everything is ready for publishing, you simply import the text files into your word processor for final formatting to the desired publishing standard.


  • Visual on-screen representation of your writing project sections.
  • Drag & Drop interface for easy grouping of related pieces of work, notes, etc.
  • Individual icons for each piece of work, including Chapter, Scene, Male Character, Female Character, Plot Outline, Dialogue, and Note.
  • Simple papel naming system, with automatic file saving under the given name.
  • Find, Replace, Word Count,Spell Checking & Thesaurus in editor.
  • Multi-sizeable project window with up to 8 times your screen size.
  • Configurable and saveable Editor font and size.
  • Saveable default Application and Editor window positions.


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