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Release Date:   2021-07-01

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OS:  Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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There are many benefits to separating your hard drive into several partitions, which will operate like different drives. Modern hard drives have many gigabytes or even terabytes of space, and it is a good idea to separate system files from other documents. If you have to re-install the operating system, you will not lose your documents. However, it may become tricky to create a partition with the operating system already installed, but MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition is a free tool that solves this issue. The free partition manager will allow you to perform complex partition operations with relative ease.


  • Disk Benchmark - measure the read/write speed of your disk under various scenarios and view the speed performance of your disk.
  • Space Analyzer - see which files are using most of your hard drive space. Handy if you need to free up space
  • Easily migrate your Operating System from HDD to SSD.
  • Create, format or delete partition
  • Safely split a partition into two separate ones
  • Extend partition with a step
  • Copy dynamic disk volume
  • Convert from NTFS to FAT and vice versa
  • Convert MBR disc to GPT one and vice versa
  • Set logical or primary partitions
  • Set active partition
  • Change cluster size
  • Align either all partitions or a specified one
  • Partition recovery

Using MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition

MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition features a friendly graphical user interface that includes intuitive icons and conveniently placed buttons that allow users to access and perform required functions easily.

The free partition manager displayed a list of all the storage devices it detected on our system in a center pane on the display window. The list provided details about the drives, including disc type, file system, status and used and free space.

In addition to performing standard partition operations, the software enabled us to carry out some complex tasks like performing hot extend of the NTFS Windows system without rebooting our computer. The program also comes in handy in recovering partitions and wiping discs among others.

We could perform operations by selecting relevant elements and then choosing 'Options' menu. Alternatively, we could perform the operations via the context menu.

Selecting desired actions did not perform operations automatically but placed them in a queue where they remained unexecuted until we clicked the 'Apply' button. We found this to be a useful feature, as it gave us the opportunity to review and be sure of what we wanted to perform, thus avoiding accidental processes that could lead to data loss.


MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition is a versatile program that allows average computer users to perform both basic and complex partition operations without risking their systems because it includes an enhanced data protection mode. The free partition manager is compatible with all types of hard discs, including Fire wire and USB external drives.

Software Product Description

Partition Wizard Home Edition is a free partition manager designed by MT Solution Ltd. It supports 32/64 bit Windows Operating Systems.

Home users can perform complicated partition operations by using this powerful but free partition manager to manage their hard disk partition such as Resizing partitions, Copying partitions, Create partition, Delete partition, Format partition, Convert partition, Explore partition, Hide partition, Change drive letter, Set active partition and Partition Recovery.

Partition Wizard Home Edition is designated for home users only.


"Be Careful"

Reviewer: -ThisBoy

Review Date: 2018-03-04

Pros: Lightweight and easy to navigate. Good for creating or expanding a partition.

Cons: You need a good understanding of partitions and moving an OS to a bigger or faster Hard Drive. Help assumes you know how to use the software. For moving, not copying, an OS you require a boot disk. To obtain the boot disk you are required to upgrade to one of the paid editions. You would have a terrible mess without the boot disk after moving the OS to a new Hard Drive.

Other Thoughts: I would ask every software developer to clearly state when specific parts require a purchase. When an item such as "boot disk" is on the menu it is very easy to assume it is included. It would be a benefit to a potential customer to grey out items not included.


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