Partitioning Columns and Rows in Excel 1.1      

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Software Product Description

Have you ever found it necessary to insert either a column or row into an already edited Excel spreadsheet? Then you will appreciate the assistance of 'Partitioning columns and rows in Excel' software. The lightweight Excel utility is designed to help users split rows and columns without making changes to an edited spreadsheet. Although you can insert columns and rows using Excel by itself, this application simplifies the process and gives you something that the program does not offer.

In addition to inserting rows and columns, 'Partitioning columns and rows in Excel' allows you to cut desired sections seamlessly. Even without this extra feature, the application will save you significant time and energy because you will quickly add either columns or rows without making any unnecessary changes to your worksheet.

You can insert a specified number of rows or columns and make a copy of the modified or active sheet.

The process of using 'Partitioning columns and rows in Excel' is straightforward, and you do not need any learning curve to use it successfully. Simply run the XLSM application and open the Excel file into which you would like to insert either columns or rows. You need to define the column or row that you want to split in the active sheet by marking it before pressing Ctrl+D keyboard shortcut.

The application opens a graphical user interface where you enter the desired workbook and worksheet. You then enter the letter or number of column or row respectively that you want to split. Below the column and row sections, you will need to enter the number of parts into which you want to split them. You can select at least two parts, with the maximum number being determined by the height or width of the original entity.

You then define the specified section by pressing Ctrl+D before clicking the 'Start' button to insert the required columns and/or rows. You can insert both rows and columns at the same time so long as you have specified both of them.

It is advisable that you create a copy of your original worksheet before inserting the desired rows and columns, which you should remove once you have confirmed the changes.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP or later operating system
  • At least Microsoft Office 2007