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Release Date:   2009-03-16

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Software Product Description

PdfMerge was written to fill the need for producing large PDF documents from multiple sources in an automated way. To serve this need it meets the following requirements:
  • Allows the split and merge process to be driven from a list file
  • Allows the creation of bookmark trees by specifying bookmarks to be added (bookmarks are also called outlines)
  • Allows the import of bookmarks from the merged documents.
  • Supports merging of large documents quickly
  • Allows population of document title fields
PdfMerge is open source and completely free for both commercial and non-commercial applications.

PdfMerge uses the PDFsharp library for manipulation of the PDF file. For PdfSharp licensing and information refer to the sourceforge page:

What's New in version 1.19:

  • Updated to PdfSharp 1.20, for better compatibility with latest PDF file versions
  • Improved GUI to show bookmark levels more clearly
  • When a PDF is added, the new addition uses the same bookmark level as previous
  • Included a missing resource DLL in the installer
  • Changed button label to "Merge/Split" to better reflect program function
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"Good app"

Reviewer: -Colin Dawkins

Review Date: 2009-09-24

Pros: None

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Other Thoughts: does exaclty what it says on the can.


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