Perfect IP Camera Viewer 4.3      

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Release Date:   2018-04-24  | Changelog

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Reviewed on July 14, 2017

You don't need to be a computer savvy tech to install and use the IP Camera Viewer surveillance utility from Perfect Surveillance Software. It's a very easy-to-use application that has the capability to monitor up to 64 IP cameras. You can view them from anywhere via a web browser and activate them, check specific cameras, start and stop monitoring, make screenshots right from your cell phone, and get instant email or SMS messages when motion is detected.

Features and Functions

Easy Installation and Set Up

The Perfect IP Camera Viewer application downloads and installs in no time at all. Then, you're ready to use the network scanner to detect your IP cameras and connect them to the application. Next, you use the detection settings to adjust the sensor sensitivity levels. You can mask such areas as those where pets might trigger false alarms so that the application ignores them.

Automatic starting and stopping of monitoring can then be scheduled and video recording customized. Settings can be made on a days of the week basis or for specific dates.

To enable video surveillance in a browser via the Internet, you need the IP address, username and password and you're all set to know what's happening using an internet connected computer, tablet or smartphone wherever you happen to be.

Motion Detection

In the monitoring area, the IP Camera Viewer's motion detector activates the siren to emit from the computer's speakers. Remotely, it sends a message by email or text to your cell phone, the SMS option being especially useful since it's instant. Visual confirmation is available either live or video recorded in good quality, small size Xvid format. Either way you can see the monitored area via your browser to view as many of your cameras as you wish by split screen. Additionally, snapshots can be made and attached to the alerting email message. Images are saved in a folder on the computer or in the cloud.

Remote Operating Option

The IP Camera Viewer can be operated using SMS commands from your smartphone. This option allows you start or stop monitoring, check a specific IP camera and make a screenshot.

Integrated Video Player

The Perfect IP Camera Viewer video surveillance software has an integrated video player for viewing recordings or snapshots. You can search for files and play by date, format or camera.

Video surveillance software features:

  • Monitor up to 64 cameras.
  • Adjustable sensitivity of sensors.
  • Masking tool.
  • Scheduling for automatic monitoring specific or days of the week.
  • Scheduling for video recording.
  • Snapshots on motion detection and saving to folder on computer or cloud.
  • Video activation on motion detection to conserve space.
  • Configure for local network or internet.
  • Siren, email or SMS alerts.
  • Remote monitoring via the internet.
  • Works on any browser computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Username and password access.
  • Remote operating option.
  • Integrated media player for speed-controlled playback and viewing snapshots.
  • Records can be filtered by file format, IP camera or date.


Whether for your home, office or store, video surveillance software brings you peace of mind. The Perfect IP Camera Viewer is a state-of-the art utility and easy to install and set up, basically by simply following the simple instructions.

Software Product Description

Control and view multiple IP camera feeds simultaneously.


Reviewer: -Michael

Review Date: 2018-02-16

Pros: The program works well at home, that's it.. Because of the poor support, I have never been able to use it away from home.

Cons: In the manual it makes it sound like you load the program on your computer and can view it anywhere on your computer with internet. NO.. You need to load it on a stay at your home or office computer, and it must remain there, on.. Then using a login and password. Getting ahold of IT support is nearly impossible, It takes several days for anyone to get back to you and only VIA e-mail, and weather it is a language barrier or just the unwillingness to help a paying customer, I am at a total loss and feel the need to write this poor review.

Other Thoughts: I have contacted the company letting them know I want to move my (PAID FOR PROGRAM) to an older tower computer I have at home. They told me one program for the money, that's it, so.. If your computer crashes, or gets stolen you are out the program and will need to fork out another $50.00 buyer beware..


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