Perfect Webcam Monitor 4.0      

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Release Date:   2017-10-10

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on October 10, 2017

See what's happening at home right from your browser with Perfect Webcam Monitor. No need for IP cameras or CCTV - all you need is a webcam and this free, totally uncomplicated video security software from Perfect Surveillance Software.

Perfect Webcam Monitor allows you to monitor any activity in your home or office, and receive email or text notification if any motion is detected. Your computer speakers are used as a siren for first response to any motion being attributed to an intruder.

Just download the free application, install it, run the program and select and set up your webcam from the list of available video devices in the "File" menu, and you're set to go.

Streaming your webcam video

The video recording can be viewed in real time through your browser on any device you choose. The program acts as an HTTP server to provide you with a password protected remote connection with the video stream from the webcam. You control the webcam with SMS commands from the device. The application includes support for any phone or tablet.

Motion detection as needed

Perfect Webcam Monitor's algorithm creates the motion notification process according to the adjustments you make to prevent false alarms. You can exclude specific areas of the monitoring zone by setting up mask overlays on the video preview, for example masking the floor area so that the movement of your pets doesn't trigger an alarm.

Text and email notification

Any motion detected, and your webcam video security software will automatically notify you by email, send an SMS message to your phone and turn on the siren. This enables you to connect immediately, find out what triggered the alarm and take the necessary action. The program can also be set to attach the pictures recorded during the motion detection event to the email message.

Record video and save the files

Video recordings of the monitoring zone can be scheduled or started manually, and snapshots can be made. The compressed video stream is Xvid encoded and files can be saved to your hard disk or to the cloud.

Perfect Webcam Monitor video security software on your computer has the capability to replace professional DVR and CCTV systems and IP cameras with just a USB connected or integrated webcam. Use it for home or office security. You can even use it to monitor areas, such as playrooms or nurseries, when you are busy in another part of your home. It's free to download and easy to install.

Software Product Description

Monitor premises wherever you happen to be with this free video security software.