What's New in version 4.28:

New features:

  • Added support to download utility files at the client-side.
  • Added support to rename query tool and debugger tabs title.
  • Added support for dynamic tab size.
  • Added tab title placeholder for Query Tool, View/Edit Data, and Debugger.
  • Added support to compare schemas and databases in schema diff.


  • Issue #5938 - Documentation of Storage Manager.

Bug fixes:

  • Ensure that some fields should be disabled for the trigger in edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the validation error message is shown twice.
  • Ensure that non-superuser should be able to debug the function.
  • Ensure that query history should be listed by date/time in descending order.
  • Ensure that search object functionality works with case insensitive string.
  • Fixed an issue where the suffix for Toast table size is not visible in the Statistics tab.
  • Ensure that macros should be run on the older version of Safari and Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue where a mismatch in the value of 'Estimated row' for functions.
  • Added security related enhancements.
  • Fixed an issue where non-closeable tabs are getting closed.
  • Fixed an issue where a long file name is not visible on the process watcher dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where connection to the server is on wait state if a different user is provided.
  • Ensure that Grant Wizard should include foreign tables.

What's New in version 4.27:

New features:

  • Issue #1402 - Added Macro support.
  • Issue #2519 - Added support to view trigger function under the respective trigger node.
  • Issue #3794 - Allow user to change the database connection from an open query tool tab.
  • Issue #5200 - Added support to ignore the owner while comparing objects in the Schema Diff tool.
  • Issue #5857 - Added documentation for Macro support.


  • Issue #5330 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for Functions.
  • Issue #5395 - Added RESQL/MSQL test cases for Functions.
  • Issue #5497 - Merged the latest code of 'pgcli' used for the autocomplete feature.

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #4806 - Added useful message when the explain plan is not used and empty.
  • Issue #4855 - Fixed an issue where file extension is stripped on renaming a file.
  • Issue #5131 - Ensure that 'ctrl + a' shortcut does not move the cursor in SQL editor.
  • Issue #5417 - Fixed and improve API test cases for the schema diff tool.
  • Issue #5739 - Ensure that the import/export feature should work with SSH Tunnel.
  • Issue #5802 - Remove maximum length on the password field in the server dialog.
  • Issue #5807 - Fixed an issue where a column is renamed and then removed, then the drop SQL query takes the wrong column name.
  • Issue #5826 - Fixed an issue where schema diff is showing identical table as different due to default vacuum settings.
  • Issue #5830 - Fixed reverse engineering SQL where parenthesis is not properly arranged for View/MView definition.
  • Issue #5835 - Fixed 'can't execute an empty query' message if the user change the option of Auto FK Index.
  • Issue #5839 - Ensure that multiple extensions can be dropped from the properties tab.
  • Issue #5841 - Fixed an issue where the server is not able to connect using the service.
  • Issue #5843 - Fixed an issue where the 'PARALLEL UNSAFE' option is missing from reverse engineering SQL of function/procedure.
  • Issue #5845 - Fixed an issue where the query tool is not fetching more than 1000 rows for the table does not have any primary key.
  • Issue #5853 - Fixed an issue where 'Rows X' column values were not visible properly for Explain Analyze in Dark theme.
  • Issue #5855 - Ensure that the user should be able to change the start value of the existing sequence.
  • Issue #5861 - Ensure that the 'Remove Server' option should be visible in the context menu.
  • Issue #5867 - Fixed an issue where some properties are not being updated correctly for the shared server.
  • Issue #5882 - Fixed invalid literal issue when fetching dependencies for Materialized View.
  • Issue #5885 - Fixed an issue where the user is unable to change the macro name.

What's New in version 4.24:

New and Changes:

  • Notable changes in this release include:
  • Support configuration files that are external to the application installation.
  • Added support for LDAP authentication with different DN by setting the dedicated user for the LDAP connection.
  • Added support for schema level restriction.
  • Added RLS Policy support in Schema Diff.
  • Added support for permissive/restricted policy type while creating RLS Policy.
  • Added support for LDAP anonymous binding.
  • Added High Contrast theme support.
  • Added missing dependencies/dependent and corrected some wrongly identified.
  • Replace the runtime themes with ones that don't have sizing issues.
  • Fixed tab indent issue on a selection of lines is deleting the content when 'use spaces == true' in the preferences.
  • Fixed CSRF errors when pgAdmin opened in an iframe on safari browser.

What's New in version 4.21:

  • Added LDAP authentication support.
  • Added search object functionality.
  • Added support of Foreign Tables, Packages, Sequences and Synonyms to the Schema Diff.
  • Warn the user if an unsupported, deprecated or unknown browser is detected.
  • Added multiple drop/delete functionality for the table constraints.
  • Fixed copy-paste row issues in View/Edit Data.
  • Added dark mode support for the configuration dialog on Windows/macOS runtime.
  • Added alert message to Reset Layout if any of the panels from Query Tool failed to load.
  • Fixed an issue when the user performs refresh on a large size materialized view.
  • Ensure that default sort order should be using the primary key in View/Edit data.
  • Fixed an issue where changing the values of columns with JSONB or JSON types to NULL
  • Ensure that if the delimiter is set other than comma then download the file as '.txt' file.

What's New in version 4.19:

  • Added Python 3.8 support.
  • Added accessibility support in AlertifyJS.
  • Added Czech language support.
  • Improvements in the UI for both default and dark themes.
  • Fix an issue where debugger not showing all arguments anymore after hitting SQL error while debugging.
  • Ensure that all the transactions should be canceled before closing the connections when a server is disconnected using pgAdmin.
  • Fixed Firefox monospaced issue by updating the font to the latest version.
  • Improve the style of the highlighted code after query execution for Dark mode.
  • Changed background pattern for geometry viewer to use #fff for all themes.

What's New in version 4.18:

New features:

  • Issue #2554 - Added support for a multi-level partitioned table.
  • Issue #3452 - Added a Schema Diff tool to compare two schemas and generate a diff script.
  • Issue #4762 - Allow screen-reader to read label & description of non-textable elements.
  • Issue #4763 - Allow screen-reader to identify the alert errors.
  • Issue #4770 - Added labels and titles after parsing and validating all the pgAdmin4 web pages for accessibility.
  • Issue #4993 - Set input controls as read-only instead of disabled will allow tab navigation in the properties tab and also allow screen readers to read it.


  • Issue #5049 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for the CAST module.
  • Issue #5050 - Improve code coverage and API test cases for the LANGUAGE module.
  • Issue #5071 - Improve the test framework to run for multiple classes defined in a single file.
  • Issue #5072 - Updated wcDocker package which includes aria-label accessibility improvements.
  • Issue #5096 - Replace node-sass with sass for SCSS compilation.

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #3812 - Ensure that path file name should not disappear when changing ext from the dropdown in file explorer dialog.
  • Issue #4410 - Fixed an issue while editing char[] or character varying[] column from View/Edit data throwing an error.
  • Issue #4511 - Fixed an issue where Grant wizard unable to handle multiple objects when the query string parameter exceeds its limit.
  • Issue #4601 - Added tab navigation on close buttons for all the panels and create/properties dialog.
  • Issue #4827 - Fix column resizable issue in the file explorer dialog.
  • Issue #5000 - Logout the pgAdmin session when no user activity of mouse move, click or keypress.
  • Issue #5025 - Fix an issue where setting STORAGE_DIR to empty should show all the volumes on Windows in server mode.
  • Issue #5065 - Updated the incorrect icon used for the cast node on refresh.
  • Issue #5066 - Fix an issue where refreshing a package results in the change in the object completely.
  • Issue #5074 - Fix an issue where select, insert and update scripts on tables throwing an error.
  • Issue #5076 - Ensure Postfix starts in the container, now it runs as non-root by default.
  • Issue #5116 - Fixed an issue where Save Password control disappears after clicking on it while creating a server.

What's New in version 4.15:

  • Added Dark(Beta) UI Theme option.
  • Added support for custom theme creation and selection.
  • Added encrypted password in reverse engineered SQL for roles.
  • Support Enable Always and Enable Replica on triggers.
  • Add an option to request confirmation before cancelling/resetting changes on a Properties dialog.
  • Rename the context menu from 'Drop Server' to 'Remove Server'.
  • Fixed issue where Drop and Disconnect connection menu points are too close to each other.
  • Ensure all messages are retained in the Query Tool from long running queries.
  • Ensure compression level is passed to pg_dump when backing up in directory format.
  • Ensure the number of jobs can be specified when backing up in directory format.
  • Download your copy here.

What's New in version 3.5:

Notable changes in this release include:

  • Migrate from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4.
  • Save the treeview state periodically, and restore it automatically when reconnecting.
  • Support to stop the utility processes (Backup/Restore/Maintenance...).

What's New in version 3.4:

  • Add shortcuts for View Data and the Query tool to the Browser header bar.
  • Add optional data point markers and mouse-over tooltips to display values on graphs.
  • Ensure the runtime can startup properly if there are wide characters in the account/user name on Windows.

What's New in version 3.1

  • Add support for SSH tunneled connections.
  • Various fixes for handling data in SQL_ASCII databases.
  • Add support for LISTEN/NOTIFY in the Query Tool.
  • Function/Procedure support for PostgreSQL 11.
  • Various fixes and enhancements to the Greenplum support.

What's New in version 3.0:

This release of pgAdmin 4 includes over 100 bug fixes and new features. Notable changes in this release include:

  • The desktop runtime now runs as a system tray application and utilises the browser on the system to display pgAdmin. This resolves numerous bugs and issues caused by QtWebKit/QtWebEngine.
  • Data can now be sorted in edit mode in the Query Tool.
  • Keyboard navigation with configurable shortcuts for many operations has been added to allow use of pgAdmin without a mouse.
  • Dashboard tables and charts can be enabled/disabled.
  • Server and database statistics, functions, partitions, external tables and EXPLAIN are now supported on Greenplum.
  • Support for pg_service.conf files has been added.
  • The Docker Container distribution is vastly slimmed down, having move to Alpine Linux with Gunicorn to host the pgAdmin web application.

What's New in version 2.0:

  • PostgreSQL and EDB Advanced Server 10 support
  • An updated icon set and embedded fonts for consistent look and feel on all platforms
  • Significant speed enhancements, particularly at startup time
  • Out-of-the-box ability to run in either server or desktop mode with no additional configuration changes required
  • Support for SSL certificate based authentication
  • Detailed display of server status info on the dashboards, with options to cancel queries and terminate sessions

What's new in version 1.18.1:

  • Allow the dump of pg schemas
  • Prevent a crash on Windows when dropping a column or a constraint on a table
  • Ensure DDLScript will work with Slony 2.2+ which has a new SQL level API
  • Fix ordering of object types in the display options and add Event Triggers which were missing
  • Ensure the debugger can cope with functions that have an OUT parameter as the first
  • Fix the quoting of user mapping objects
  • Ensure that materialised views are available as targets
  • for synonyms
  • Fix the query used to find tables in a Slony replication set
  • Prevent a crash if a user starts an external process such as a backup, and then immediately hits cancel
  • Fix a memory leak in the Event Trigger code

What's New in version 1.18.0:

  • Fix a layout bug in the graphical explain renderer that could render nodes on top of each other.
  • Fix Slony's DDL Script support
  • Add support for Event Triggers in 9.3+
  • Avoid using a Help cache file that needs to be world writeable, and ensure sed is happy when post-processing helpfiles.
  • Fix the help path on the import dialogue and improve the error handling
  • Fix path the the Search Objects help doc
  • Fix UTF-8 display for guru hints
  • Prevent a crash when creating a stored procedure in PPAS
  • Disable the Favourites menu items if there is no favourites file path
  • Make No the default button on the Truncate confirmation dialog
  • Support Materialized
  • Fix comments on constraints
  • Fix schema prefixes in cast definitions in the browser.
  • Treat sequences as first class objects in the Grant Wizard. Support USAGE and remove obsolete RULE permissions
  • Set the default backup type to 'Custom'.
  • Improve the copy handling on the Edit Grid so that it works more consistently and predictably.
  • Fix comments on columns.
  • Remove the 'Apply' buttons from the function, view package and external table dialogues. Their use is discouraged, and the code is fragile, complex and very buggy.
  • Fix a crash that could occur if the browser fails to detect that an object has been changed by another session.
  • Change the default SQL box font to a slightly smaller size on GTK based platforms.
  • Don't prompt the user for a password if they're using a client certificate.
  • Ensure global backups use the maintenance database to avoid access issue with postgres or template1.
  • Fix SSL certificate authentication.
  • Fix renaming and schema changes for stored procedures in PPAS
  • Add SSH tunnelling support to allow connections to be made to hosts via an SSH server
  • Display the index validity in the properties list for indexes and index-based constraints
  • Add an option to include column headers when copying from the query tool results
  • Allow the decimal mark displayed by the query tool to be configured as the thousands separator can
  • Ensure the Query Tool's maximum column length setting is honoured.
  • Handle default privileges to PUBLIC correctly.
  • Add tab option in the Import dialog.
  • Add smallserial handling.
  • Fix the editing of pg_hba.conf files
  • Fix the display of extension owner names.
  • Add a title to the backup and restore windows.
  • Fix a bug that could cause a NOTICE to be displayed when rendering FTS Configurations in the tree.
  • Don't try to display dependents or dependencies for pgAgent jobs, schedules or steps.
  • Fix the handling of expiry times when modifying roles.
  • Prevent foreign keys being recreated unnecessarily when modifying tables
  • Fix handling of Greenplum partitions
  • Add -V/--version CLI option.
  • Add actions menu to the serverstatus tool.
  • Fix the database SQL when reseting a configuration parameter.
  • Refresh the toolbar buttons when a list has been updated.
  • Fix the 'NO INHERIT' query.
  • Display default privs.
  • Sort references by schema name and relation name in dlgForeignKey.
  • Fix the change of the superuser attribute.
  • Fix the queries used to get object comments to allow for duplicate OIDs that may be present following use of pg_upgrade.