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Release Date:   2009-02-16

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Software Product Description

PgcEdit is a DVD IFO and Menu editor designed to allow the modification of the navigation commands and parameters of an already authored DVD structure.

PgcEdit is also an excellent tool to learn how a DVD works, with its powerful Trace function.

PgcEdit v9 has a new function to automatically simplify the DVD, remove useless PGCs and commands, convert useless menus to dummies, etc... The resulting DVD is usually simpler to analyze and understand.

The possibilities of PgcEdit are so numerous that it is simply impossible to list them all. Just try it, and see!

What's New in version 9.2:

  • Enhancement: Thanks to M_Knox, there are now nice looking new icons in the standard "yes/no/cancel", "please wait" and "donation reminder" dialogs.
  • Enhancement: Delete Uncalled PGCs did not delete some PGCs considered as unsafe due to multiple sets of buttons/BOVs, even if all PGCs containing the multiple sets of buttons/BOVs were uncalled.
  • Fix: Delete Uncalled PGCs deleted the uncalled PGCs that were NOT safe to delete due to multiple sets of buttons/BOVs when ALL uncalled PGCs were unsafe!
  • Enhancement: When Go To Calling Command finds no jump to the current PGC, the PGC is now automatically marked as .
  • Fix: Go To Calling Command: Bugs when the function was launched several times without closing the result window fixed by M_Knox. Thanks!
  • Enhancement: Delete PGC and Kill Playback (with option to remove the cells) in menu: When all remaining PGCs in the menu are dummies, PgcEdit offers now to delete the menu VOB file and remove the VOB tables from the IFO.
  • Enhancement: Delete Uncalled PGCs improved for speed.
  • Enhancement: Info -> GPRM has now an option to search for the commands containing a GPRM in "All", "Read" or "Write" modes, so you can now, for example, find if a GPRM is used in read mode only, but never initialized by a Set command.
  • Enhancement: Info -> Multiple Sets Of Buttons/BOVs: added a summary with the list of all PGCs containing multiple sets of buttons/BOVs.
  • Enhancement: Info -> Multiple Sets Of Buttons/BOVs: When the option "Command Editor -> Allow PgcEdit to add automatic comments in the PGC labels" is ON, the comment "" is now added to all PGCs containing multiple button sets.
  • Fix: Fixed some typos, and renamed "Exit Domain" to "Exit State".
  • Fix: After having loaded a Scratchbook file in the scratchbook, the sub-menu of Append To Scratchbook (with the scratchbook sections) was not updated.
  • Fix: Trace mode: When playing a multi-angle cell, PgcEdit was unable to identify the correct angle cell to play (except for angle 1), and issued a warning.
  • Fix: Trace mode: The Menu Viewer was not closed when the user selected the GoUp button to resume to the Title domain (when the GoUpPGCN link = 0xFFFF).
  • Fix: Trace mode: The Control+Arrow shortcut keys used to control the trace interfered with the Arrow keys shortcuts in the main window.
  • Enhancement: Jump To PGC Upon DVD Insert: The explanation on how to use the function was not displayed any more in v9.1 when it was launched from the FP-PGC.
  • Fix: PGC Editor: PgcEdit highlights now in red illegal values of the Prev and Next PGCN links in the Menu domains.
  • Fix: PGC Editor: It was possible to use the PTT Editor on a not-one_sequential Title if the current PGC was a dummy (or a cell has just been created.)
  • Fix: Load DVD: PgcEdit deleted all LUs or all PGCs in a menu domain when a LU or PGC was a clone of another one because its offset pointer was pointing to the other LU or PGC. Now, it deletes automatically the cloned LUs, and prompts the user to keep or remove the cloned PGCs.
  • Fix: Several small GUI bugs fixed by M_KNOX.



Reviewer: -Pootang

Review Date: 2008-01-12

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Other Thoughts: Excellent. Rip, edit, watch what YOU want to watch


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