Photo Stitcher 1.1      

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Release Date:   2020-04-17

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OS:  Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on April 17, 2020

Merge multiple photos into a single image in just a few seconds.

Photo Stitcher for Windows is free software that enables you to combine images to create a panorama, a scrolling horizontal or vertical screenshot, or a graphical timeline of holiday photos or digital conversations. Fast and easy to use, Photo Stitcher comes complete with a range of editing tools so that you can crop, adjust and generally make the contents of your panorama conform to your vision before you create the finished product.

Everything you need to make scrolling screenshots

  • Stitch Photos automatically in seconds with a single click
  • Editing Tools for adding annotations, frames, arrows, watermarks and more
  • Create high-quality output to create PNG images to save or share
  • Reliable, fast and easy to use
  • Offline, standalone application - no internet intrusion on your privacy
  • Stitch photos, combine screenshots for free

Working with Photo Stitcher

Download, install and launch the application. The comprehensive user interface displays a workspace topped with Add, Clear, Zoom, Edit, and Export tools. A right-hand sidebar provides Pick Direction, Stitching, Spacing, Editing, Mosaic, and Watermark options, and color palettes.

  • You start by dragging and dropping your selected images into the window and clicking the 'Add' button. Clicking the 'Edit' button brings up a window where you can arrange or re-arrange the order of your photos. Then you use the sidebar options to edit your photos. These are mainly self-explanatory and your changes are displayed in the main window as you make them.
  • Select the horizontal or vertical button under 'Pick Direction' to modify the images using one of the three size ratios (side, top, and bottom) buttons under 'Stitching.' Moving down to the 'Spacing' buttons, you can create borders between, around or between and around using the buttons, size them using the sliders and color them by clicking on the required color from the palette below.
  • The buttons under 'Editing Tools' enable you to add arrows, rectangles or to draw freehand in colors from the palette. 'Mosaic' provides three colors and a transparency option to use on selected areas of your images and 'Watermark' has color, opacity level, spacing and size tools for you to add irremovable captions to your work.

Once you have created your panorama, just click the Export button and save your work as a PNG image to the selected local folder.

Photo Stitcher is a highly versatile and very fast application. It enables you to merge images of any resolution - even Ultra HD - very quickly and stitch photos of varying resolutions in the same amount of time for each one. There is no differentiation - high-resolution images are processed in a fraction of a second just as low-resolution screenshots are, never losing their level of quality.

The fastest way to merge photos and create scrolling screenshots, Photo Stitcher is lightweight, requires only 80 MB of disk space, and runs on any PC without creating slowdowns.

Software Product Description

Stitch photos vertically or horizontally.