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Release Date:   2008-08-27

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Modern digital cameras take huge photos many megapixels in size - great for high quality printing, but too big to email to friends and family, and too large for displaying on web sites.

PhotoRazor solves this by making high quality copies of your photos at a smaller size - ideal for on-screen viewing. This reduces the file size making them much easier to email and share with friends and family.

Obviously you don't want to lose your large originals in the process - you'll need those for printing, so PhotoRazor saves the smaller resized copies to a separate folder, ensuring your precious original photographs are kept safe and untouched.

  • Very easy to use - process whole folders of photos at the click of a button
  • Ideal for creating small high quality copies of your large photos for email or showing on your website
  • Realtime preview - adjust the size & quality and see the result before processing, a real time saver
  • Non-destructive - saves the small photos to a separate folder so your originals remain untouched
  • Free!



Reviewer: -Boris

Review Date: 2008-10-15

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Other Thoughts: very very good


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