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Release Date:   2014-04-17

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 Reviewed on April 17, 2014

As the collection of digital photos in your computer grows, managing them becomes trickier. You will not only find it difficult to locate required pictures quickly but are also likely to end up with duplicate copies that consume space unnecessarily. With Photos2Folders, you will organize your photos into a single repository with a set of well-organized folders. The free photo organizer uses data from a camera's 'Date Taken' tag to arrange photos in a way that any application can access and use easily.

Photos2Folders Features

  • Wizard-assisted photo sorting
  • Adjustable folder hierarchy
  • Automatic image sorting
  • Event sorting
  • Duplicate image filter

Using Photos2Folders

Photos2Folders installs fast without adding unnecessary files or applications. It uses an easy-to-follow wizard to guide users into a simple process.

In the first step, the organizer asked us to select the current location of the pictures we wanted to sort and our preferred destination. The source can be either a specific directory or an entire drive. We then selected the order in which we wanted the application to create folders for our pictures. We also made a few configurations under Image Options, including what we wanted to happen to duplicate photos and whether to move or copy the pictures sorted.

Photos2Folders uses the EXIF metadata from cameras to automatically sort photos by year, month and day. If you have edited some photos, it will use the last editing date to sort them, not the date when they were originally captured. When we included the fourth option that allowed sorting by event names, we were required to add a folder name. This is the only manual step you are required to take.

You do not have to choose all the folder options at once, and you can always sort the photos further at a later time. We chose all three folder options, and the organizer sorted more than 3900 photos in less than five minutes. It detected 86 duplicate photos that took 126 MB! The program sorted pictures from all sources, including the Internet and videos.

The organizer displayed the numbers of photos in source and destination, groups found, current photo group and duplicate photos. Once it had organized the photos, it gave us the option to either organize more photos or exit.

Moving duplicate photos to a separate Duplicate Folder made it easy to see the duplicates and choose what to do with them.


Digital cameras generally store all captured photos into the same directory, which can lead to confusion. Photos2Folders is a handy application for sorting the photos into separate directories depending on their respective dates, months and years for easier management. You can also use the organizer to sort pictures by event name. The wizard-supported application is easy to use and sorts images quickly.

Software Product Description

Photos2Folders is a simple utility designed to help you organize digital camera photos into an organized set of folders.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.