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Release Date:   2008-08-22

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Software Product Description

2 Pic is a graphical program that you can use to edit your images (like photographs and drawings). There are already several famous programs that you can use for this, like PaintShop Pro, PhotoShop and Picture Publisher. Why should you use 2 Pic instead? Because 2 Pic is much easier to use.

Programs like PaintShop Pro have a lot of functions, but you will need a lot of time to find out what exactly are all those functions. Sometimes, you get lost in the big number of functions. That won't be the case with 2 Pic. 2 Pic is designed for ease of use and it has a unique design with the functions clearly arranged on tabs. That's the big advantage of 2 Pic: with less time and less experience, you can do very nice things.

2 Pic's name is because you can open two images next to each other. Many functions of 2 Pic use both images, like merging.

What exactly can you do with 2 Pic? This list shows you the most useful functions of 2 Pic:

  • Merging images with each other
  • Making images fade into each other
  • Spout images into each other with an aerosol
  • Give images frames
  • Apply cool effects to images, like: rotate, make sharper and make mosaic
  • Apply cool effects to images, like: rotate, make sharper and make mosaic
  • Insert texts with several layers
  • Fit the size to, like, an A4 paper
  • Insert gradient very easily


Reviewer: -yet another artist

Review Date: 2010-12-27

Pros: It was easy for me to use

Cons: It has a larger variety of options than it seems to at first.

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