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 Reviewed on September 04, 2014

If you have ever dealt with an LCD screen that appears colored on some sections, then you will appreciate the help of Pixel Repair. In many cases, the culprits are pixels that are stuck on a particular area. The program will also help you detect dead pixels even though you cannot repair the ones that have turned black.

It is possible to repair stuck pixels depending on the application you use even though the results are not always guaranteed. Rizonesoft, the makers of Pixel Repair, have given warning both in the application itself and the documentation downloaded with it that the program will not work every time, and users should not expect miracles. However, it is one of the most effective and user-friendly tools available for the task.

Using Pixel Repair

Pixel Repair is a portable program that you extract and save on your specified folder. You can even use it from a removable storage device. Its menu bar only contains 'File' and 'Help' menus, which have three options in total. The interface is divided into three sections: Dead pixel locator, Color mode and Speed.

The Dead pixels locator is useful in determining the location of stuck or dead pixels. It features eight color buttons that display different colors on the screen.

We clicked a button and the whole screen was filled with the chosen color while the mouse pointer turned to a '+' sign. We then changed colors using the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard. We found that some colors were not only good at revealing stuck and dead pixels but also dust and dirt.

If you find an area with stuck pixels, you can use the second section to repair them. There are seven color modes to choose from, which alternately flash between two and eight colors when you click the 'Go!' button. The program includes a warning linked to a Wikipedia article that people suffering from seizures or with a family history of epilepsy should not stare at the flashing colors.

The colors initially flashed on a small window, but we easily turned it to full-screen mode and vice versa by pressing the 'F11' key. Placing the window over stuck pixels helps to repair them.

The third section helps you adjust the speed at which the colors flash.


Pixel Repair is a handy tool if you want to repair stuck pixels. The portable program is user-friendly and requires little system resources.

Software Product Description

With this little portable tool, you can detect stuck or dead pixels.