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Release Date:   2009-02-22

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In this slightly modified Q*Bert clone you take the role of Plastic Kitten™, the universe's last line of defense against the evil forces of Volksmusik™. To save the world, you have been transported into the cybermatic brain of the evil leader of this movement, Dr. Hi-No.

Inside his brain you must activate the atomic power within the molecubes to destroy the cybertronic levels around Dr. Hi-No's brain core. Once you activated all molecubes in a room, it destructs itself and you are automatically transported to the next one. There are five levels, each has four rooms.

Can you make it to the last room, conquer Dr. Hi-No's alter ego and save the world? The hope of zillions of brain-washed disco-maniacs rests on your sexy shoulders!


Reviewer: -Naruto

Review Date: 2006-11-22

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Other Thoughts: Fun game. get now. noting more to say.


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