PlayStatic 2.0.0      

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Release Date:   2019-05-28

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Reviewed on July 16, 2018

Clicking your mouse while doing the same task, again and again, can be pretty boring and annoying. You wish you can automate the process and do other more exciting stuff. That is possible with PlayStatic, a special free macro recorder that automates repetitive mouse and keyboard actions; thus, simplifying your job.

Features and Functions

This free auto clicker:

  • Records mouse and keyboard actions which can be replayed infinitely
  • Records and modifies commands which can then be fast-forwarded
  • Manually adds mouse and keyboard actions from anywhere, even from a .txt file
  • Saves and loads script at any point, even at program or Windows startup


The PlayStatic free macro recorder is an easy-to-install application with a very intuitive interface. It has four primary features which can be accessed from the main window. With PlayStatic, you can create tasks either manually or automatically, configure your settings, or run various jobs.

Although this free auto clicker records macros, it does not necessarily mean that it records the entire macro but only a single step, which consists of multiple tasks. You can save these tasks and run them later when you need them.

As mentioned, PlayStatic has a manual and automatic mode. In automatic mode, you can set up the macro with your mouse and record the task by pressing the record button. If you want to stop recording, all you have to do is press "Stop" or the "Esc" button. An additional distinctive feature of the application is its ability to hide the window while recording. That means you can perform other tasks while using it.

Manual mode, on the other hand, is designed for keyboard action, an ideal setup if you are having trouble with your mouse. When using this mode, the window will provide a manual as to what letters or keys to press to initiate the action you want. Just like in automatic mode, you can also program the delay after one task and input how many times that task should be repeated.

Just a note when using the manual mode - it cannot copy specific mouse movements, such as wheel up or down, etc. This is only a minor downside, which can be developed in the future. Overall, PlayStatic is a handy macro recorder and auto clicker that's light-weight and easy to use.

Software Product Description

Record and play repetitive tasks on your computer.