Pokki v0.269      

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Release Date:   2015-03-14

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OS:  Windows XP/7

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Have you ever wished you could keep your favorite apps on your desktop? If you enjoy the mobile app experience and want the same on your PC, then you should consider Pokki. This web app manager will not only help you access your apps without opening a web browser but also get the good old Start menu on Windows 8 system.

Pokki Features:

  • Real time notifications
  • Organizing favorite apps
  • One-click launch of apps
  • Fast access to programs and files
  • Search bar
  • Compatibility with touch screens
Pokki enables Windows 8 to boot straight into the desktop environment and disables all hot corners. The program provides access to hundreds of free apps that you can download from the Pokki store.


On our Windows 8 system, Pokki installed as a start button but still allowed us to perform a wide variety of tasks. You need Internet access to install the program because it is a web installer. The Start button immediately took its position at the lower left hand corner of our desktop without the need of a re-start. Remember to mark the check box stating "use Pokki as your start menu."

Using Pokki

Although Pokki brings back the Start menu, it does not try to imitate the earlier Windows Start button. It features its own acorn shape and layout. We found all the elements available in Windows system but they were all arranged in a single column, including the power button. However, we could not find all features although it gave us access to the important ones, including Control Panel, Computer, Documents, Pictures and Music.

From its simple interface, we could easily download, install, launch and manage HTML5 apps. The search bar allowed us to access the free apps we wanted from the Pokki app store. Relevant apps started appearing as soon as we started typing.


  • Providing the familiar Start button on Windows 8
  • Providing quick access and shortcuts to frequently used applications and system areas
  • Giving access to hundreds of free games and apps
  • Allowing apps to provide real time notifications


  • Somewhat slow response to input
  • No provision for customizing the menu
  • Highlighting web apps we did not want to install
  • Does not support drag and drop


Pokki is an effective web app manager that allows users to access their favorite programs without going through the modern Windows 8 user interface. It provides its own fresh way without imitating the old Windows Start button. Users have the opportunity to integrate their favorite free apps into their desktops. Further improvements are expected because the program is still in beta stage.

Pokki for Windows 8 is available here.

Software Product Description

Enjoy a mobile-like app experience on your PC with free apps and games like Facebook and Angry Birds.


"Needs work"

Reviewer: -Conscious Choice

Review Date: 2013-10-17

Pros: Installed on XP home

Cons: Search appears to not work. Needs a way to let people know it's doing something. File here is installer. Reality is 60+mb download. None of the search terms I used generated results. Needs system to tell a search resulted in zero results (assumimg it did something)

Other Thoughts: Locked up when my dialup shut down in the middle of using it. Needs a list of what apps they have as an option to the current display. Needs a next/previous system to page through the app listings.

Lots of potential, but pretty useless without a decent search capability or way to request apps to be added.


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