Prezzie Hunt 2      

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Release Date:   2015-12-24

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Software Product Description

Prezzie Hunt 2, as its name indicates, is a sequel to the original Prezzie Hunt game. This is a 3-D game that features a snowy village with snowmen, penguins and even fairies. You get the chance to collect presents as you progress with your play, and you go from one level to another. Each level has its own set of challenges that you must overcome to progress.

You move through mazes, with each turn revealing its obstacles. For example, you may need to climb a ladder, walk a tightrope, swim with penguins or find keys to open gates. There are other obstacles along the way that you need to maneuver around, such as pillars in the middle of your path or penguins that suddenly appear rushing towards you. In some places, you will need to avoid strategically placed carts, snowmen and snow banks. You may also find some paths barred, forcing you to turn quickly and look for other routes. You have to slide down snowy slopes to get some Christmas presents.

You need to be keen as you move along the mazes to ensure that you do not miss the presents you need to collect. For instance, you may need to jump from a tightrope to get to a present that you would otherwise pass if you continue along the rope. The game displays the number of presents you have collected as you progress with your play.

You will appreciate the high-quality graphics and great sound that make your games even more enjoyable. The sequel is built on a new engine that brings the animations to life although the engine itself is still under development.