Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete      

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Release Date:   2009-03-22

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Software Product Description

Pro Wrestling Nexus: Complete is a remake of the previous professional wrestling match simulation game, Pro Wrestling Nexus: Singles Competition, which is no longer supported nor available for download.

Unlike some match simulators which generate the happenings of a match in a text file, Pro Wrestling Nexus provides an interface which allows you to watch the match play-by-play.

The game features a damage system where each wrestler has a set level of hit points or health and each move has a set amount of damage done. PWN: Complete provides a singles and tag team wrestling environment in which you can pit two wrestlers or teams against each other in order to see who comes out on top.

  • Features 350 professional wrestlers to choose from.
  • Create and defend championship belts.
  • Create your own wrestler and see how their measure up to the others.
  • Keep track of wins, losses and title history.
  • Cheats include the ability for wrestlers to interfere and much more.


"Awesome Wrestling sim"

Reviewer: -Chris

Review Date: 2009-05-06

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: This sim is so much fun!!! Easy to use that. One of the best and most exciting iv'e seen ever!!! I simply love this one...:)


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