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Reviewed on January 18, 2017

Project manager software is important in situations where programs like Excel do not produce sufficiently professional output but commercial programs are unnecessarily expensive and complex. Project In a Box is one such free tool that will give you well established features in a user-friendly interface.

Using Project In a Box

The top side of the planning screen featured the Gantt Chart whose height we could adjust. The lower pane featured a list of tasks with their details shown in columns. The project manager software allowed us to customize the pane by displaying the columns that we wanted.

Each section displayed a dummy task when we opened a new plan, and we simply needed to edit it by entering our own information. We could configure the program to either open the last plan used or a defined project layout when it started.

We opened a task by clicking any of the panes, which displayed a dialog box where we provided a name and description for our task. We also specified whether the task was a normal or summary one. A summary task hid some task-specific details. We could configure the data to be displayed in the Gantt Chart.

We could specify the duration of a task in three different ways. We could configure a task to start after an earlier task and take a specified duration. We could also set a task to start on a given date and have a specified duration. Alternatively, we could set a task to start and end on fixed dates.

By default, the display showed an entire task from start to finish. However, we could disable the feature and be able to pan left or right and zoom in or out. The second option was useful when we had a long task. We could also set the date range to show by yearly, monthly, weekly, daily or hourly divisions. The software automatically displayed the current date in green.

The program allowed us to enter as many tasks as we wanted, and we could customize the tasks in many ways. Apart from formatting the display as we wanted, we could also tag tasks with relevant keywords. That made it easy to filter and select only the tasks that matched the desired keyword. The program included many predefined filters that we could readily use.


Project In a Box is a powerful entry-level project manager software that provides many features free of charge. In addition to creating comprehensive tasks, you can use the program to collect, manage, analyze and even share risks and issues, which you may personalize to suit your situation.

Software Product Description

Project In a Box originally was just a planning tool designed to do what you find in 80% of Microsoft Project files. So the program includes the basics such as: tasks, dependencies, % complete, summary groups, resource allocation, etc.

Over the years cost management has been added for budget setting and then control during deployment including time sheet entry for hours spent on tasks. Risk and Issue or RAID management can also be undertaken with the very capable built-in system. The software can be highly customized and can also be password protected to help you get good quality data collection.

The software also provides analysis of the data using views (preset filters) as well as the option to add and save your own. Additionally, it supports data exchange with MS Project and Excel. Project In a Box comes with a set of self help video training sessions and is free for life.

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