Prompt Critical 1.04      

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Release Date:   2008-10-22

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OS:  Win ME/2000/XP

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Software Product Description

Prompt Critical is a space shooter with beautiful visuals, a pounding soundtrack and frenetic gameplay. 100% guaranteed to woop your butt like oldschool gameplay should.

How to play this game:

You are orbiting a worm hole and an enemy is coming through. It is your job to destroy them. Most of the time they fire homing bullets but sometimes they release a bullet bomb. If you do not shoot the incoming bullets they will take your health down.

When you see the blue star shoot it. You will receive a random powerup which can be health, missiles, or shields.

Destroying the environment and accuracy give you bonus points. As well as not getting hit.


  • Mouse Look,
  • Shoot - Left Click / Spacebar,
  • Switch Weapon - Right Click,
  • Pause - ESC / P


Reviewer: -CharlieOrlando

Review Date: 2008-10-29

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Man this is a hard game. It's like that old arcade game, Tempest, but in 3D. That is, enemies spiral out of the center of an object in the middle of the screen. If they hit you, you lose a shield value. When all your shields are gone, you die. Visually, the game is terrific-looking -- although its a bit dark. The controls are responsive, but your movement is largely limited as you can't navigate around the object that's spewing out the baddies. Still, the action is frentic and the eye candy is great. So, if you want a majorly intense shooting experience, this game is definitely worth a download.


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