Puzzle Periodic Table 1.0      

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Reviewed on June 14, 2017

Students taking Chemistry lessons, teachers training these students and any other person who is interested in the subject will significantly benefit from Puzzle Periodic Table. The free educational software can display three different types of periodic tables.

Features and Functions

The program installs smoothly and fast although some users may receive a SmartScreen filter warning if using IE. When you launch the application, it will display a splash screen with four puzzle pieces joined in the middle. You can click anywhere on the program window to continue.

When the splash screen is clicked, the main user interface will open, displaying a periodic table with the elements color coded depending on their groups. The color codes easily differentiate s, p, d and f block elements. This is the first display, which shows elements in blocks.

The second view separates metal, metalloid and non-metal elements while the third separates elements in groups. You select the view that you want by clicking any of the first three large buttons on the right side of the program window. Each view uses color codes to group the elements, with explanations given in the top section of the interface.

All categories show elements in boxes, and each box provides a quick summary of its element. The details include atomic number, name and symbol of the element. Clicking on a box displays more detailed information about the element that it represents.

The first part gives a detailed description, including the element's sub-category, where it is primarily found, and its main uses. The second part displays a quick summary in table format, providing details like color, phase, melting and boiling points, density, molar heat capacity, oxidation state, crystal structure and thermal conductivity among others.

Puzzle Periodic Table is a straight-forward program that is designed to quickly and easily provide information which results in the user not having to tinker with unnecessary configuration options.


Puzzle Periodic Table is a free periodic table program that provides detailed information about the elements. The software is especially useful for those who are teaching or learning Chemistry.

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Software Product Description

Free educational software especially useful for Chemistry students and teachers.