Puzzle Unit Converter Basic 1.0      

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Release Date:   2017-08-04

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Reviewed on August 04, 2017

Perhaps there were times when you were given a distance in Kilometers and were confused about the distance in miles. Or, you have an area of land measured in Acres, and you need to quickly determine the total square yards. Learning and understanding all the measurement standards and conversions is quite an impossible task. Fortunately, we are living in a modern world of computers. There are small utilities like Puzzle Unit Converter Basic that perform all these conversions for you quickly and easily.

This application is certainly helpful for students, teachers and Engineers, but anyone living in the modern world may require a handy program like this.

Using Puzzle Unit Converter Basic

This application is a simple one window application. There aren't any complex menus and buttons as the layout is quite easy to use. Although the program includes a help feature, you don't really need it with a basic app like this. It is one of those small applications that are self-explanatory.

When you start the application, there are three selectable options - all in the same window. You have to select the type of input, and then select 'From Unit', and select 'To Unit'. As evident, in 'Type of Unit' you can select values like Area, Flow, Velocity, etc. In 'From Unit', you select one standard, and in 'To Unit', you select the other type of unit. Once these three values are selected, just enter the value of the unit and hit convert button.

It seems they could have made it simpler by altogether avoiding the use of 'Type of Unit' input, but it depends upon an individual's preference. Overall, the application is very simple to use and provides the desired results in a fraction of seconds. The application requires very little memory and does not strain your CPU and other system resources.

Do You Really Need Puzzle Unit Converter Basic?

It really depends upon your needs. If for the minutest of the things, you're a user that's accustomed to going to Google to find solutions and answers, then Google has all formulas built-in for every mathematical problem imaginable. If you hate installing extra software on your system, you don't need this utility. However, if you don't mind using a few extra MBs of disk space on your system to have the added convenience, you'll find this to be a valuable, handy program.

Software Product Description

Puzzle Unit Converter basic is a free unit converter program for Windows.

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