What's New in version 2.26:

Run as administrator (triggers UAC prompt):

  • occasional: hold Ctrl+Shift & click (bugfix previous beta)
  • always: see configuration, 'run' picklist (at bottom)

What's New in version 2.26 Beta:

  • Run as Administrator (triggers UAC prompt): hold Ctrl+Shift & click.

What's new in version 2.24:

  • ALT key can be used to pop up category menu (on/off)
  • Shift+Tab = same as Backspace (category back)
  • PureBasic compiler version 5.40
  • Icon path: environment variables suported (menu file direct editing)
  • Fixed: system tray icon lost if Windows Explorer crashes

What's New in version 2.22:

  • 'Tool type title bar..' no longer optional, but fixed property of system tray mode
  • Command parameter /i=n (n: preselect item (icon) #=1... or 0=none; default: /i=1)
  • Bugfix: icon path with comma caused glitch
  • Icons files are saved with relative path if possible
  • In case of multiple Qsel usage: Option 'Load at Windows startup' only possible for one
  • Auto-hide at desktop edge: new 'slide' option (see General Settings)
  • Small icons: now single column mode by default (see General Settings for legacy mode)
  • Dual monitor issues fixed
  • PB compiler version 5.22; internal adjustments

What's New in version 2.21:

  • Issue fixed: Starting Qsel again when Configuration or Setup window already open
  • Error message when unable to write configuration to file
  • Drag&drop routines changed: now using PureBasic functions

What's New in version 2.20:

  • Multiple item drag&drop supported
  • Category selection improved
  • New button: arrow forwards (= TAB key): NEXT category (in category list)
  • Arrow back button functionality remains: step back to previously selected category
  • ALT key to pop up category abandoned due to conflicts with key combinations
  • Bugfix: hide window from system tray function did not work
  • Menu: Program, data folder info improved
  • Bugfix: handling max categories (now set to 64)

What's New in version 2.16:

  • Bugfix: Function keys did not work as hotkeys without Shift/Ctrl/Alt
  • Bugfix: List mode, initial display, item caption issue (truncated..)